GTA VI trailer announcement drops huge hint about game’s location

  • The announcement on the trailer drop date for GTA VI caused a lot of excitement
  • But it wasn’t just about the date itself
  • It also sparked a conversation about where game play will happen

Published on Dec 01, 2023 at 9:49 PM (UTC+4)
by Amelia Jean Hershman-Jones

Last updated on Dec 04, 2023 at 9:27 PM (UTC+4)
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GTA VI trailer announcement drops huge hint about game’s location

The announcement on the trailer drop date for GTA VI may have featured another big hint – the game’s location.

Rockstar Games made the announcement on Friday (1 December) and it caused stir on social media.

The announcement finally revealed that the trailer would be released on Tuesday (5 December) at 9am ET.

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However, eagle-eyed gamers were keen to point out another detail: the palm trees.

Amid the frenzied comments beneath the announcement, fans began to focus on this detail.

“No way it’s actually GTA 6. Palm Trees are telling me Vice City I think. Freakin pumped,” one said.

“Vice City theme in the background!!” a second said.

“VICE CITY THEME,” said a third .

“GTA Vice City!!!!!” another fan echoed.

A map for GTA 6 has actually already been released.

While it’s fan-made and not an official map, GTA fans are usually thorough with their research.

After the leaks earlier this year, we’ve managed to find out a lot about the game, and now we finally have a visual of the world it’ll take place in.

It looks like Rockstar Games has made the GTA 6 map diverse, with different terrains and more playable interiors than ever before.

We already know that the game takes place in Florida.

Now fans are speculating that it will take place in surrounding states as well.

In the background of one leaked clip, we can see a mountain or hill that doesn’t look like Florida terrain.

There is footage of a car with a ‘GL’ license plate, which players reckon is Rockstar Games’ version of a Georgia license plate.

There is also a sign for a place called ‘Ekanfinaka’ which seems to be a play on Okenfenokee, a swamp in Georgia.

There is a town called Yorktown that is situated in the mountains, implying the mountains could be a site for gameplay.

Another nature-based location is the Everglades, a swamp that looks to be the largest area in the game.

Here there will be pythons, alligators, possums, snakes and even bears.

There is a site called SERA, which most likely stands for Space Exploration Research Agency.

The event called ‘SERA failed space launch engine’ takes place here and rockets are visible in the leaked screenshots.

Fairyland, based on Disneyland, forms part of the map, which hosts the incredibly unappealing ‘Rollercoaster Vomit’ event.

In the southeast section of the map, there are multiple islands as well as the Bermuda Triangle.

There is an event called ‘Bermuda Triangle Mystery Submarine’ which implies that there will be islands in the Triangle itself.

The islands seem to be a hotspot for activity.

There are events called ‘Lost at Sea’, ‘Lost Plane’, ‘Sea Creature Corpse’ and more that take place here.

One of the cities mentioned is, of course, Vice City, which will be nearly three times larger than Los Santos.

Over 400 world events take place here, and there appear to be 36 metro stations in Vice City alone.

We also know there will be towns called Ambrosia, Homestead, and Port Gellhorn, which features a race track.

Even though the map is not affiliated with Rockstar Games, it’s made fans even more excited than they were before.

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