Former Coast Guard pilot turns military chopper into a motorhome

Based on a decommissioned Coast Guard helicopter, the Helicamper features a bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen and even a bathroom.

by | Published on 11th Apr 2023

Meet the Helicamper, a retired US Coast Guard helicopter that’s been converted into a cozy RV.

Blake Morris and his wife Maggie Morton, both former US Coast Guard pilots, found the chopper on Facebook Marketplace and decided to turn it into a ‘little’ project.

It took over 900 hours of work but the end result is spectacular.

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When Morris found this SA 330 J Puma Helicopter for sale, a light bulb went on in his brain.

The first thing he did was replace the tail at the back with a vertical window to give the interior extra light.

The cold, hard metal panels you’d find in a standard Army chooper are gone and the entire cabin is now finished in polished wood.

There’s a fridge, a toilet, a fully-equipped kitchen with a sink and a bedroom.

He even converted the circuit panels into storage units.

The Helicamper also features a lounge area with a TV, a coffee table and enough room for a couch or even an extra bed.

Originally built in France, the SA 330 Puma isn’t a small chopper.

A 1970s model such as this is longer a transit bus and taller than a van.

It’s designed to accommodate and transport up to 20 passengers.

It’s rare, too.

The manufacturer only built 697 of these and most were destroyed or dismantled a long time ago.

Blake Morris and Maggie have no intention of selling it after all the hard work they put it to build it.

Mind you, if they did, they’d probably get their money back… and change.



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