This fully-electric autonomous people mover could be the solution to bad traffic

It will be unveiled for the first time at CES in Las Vegas.

by | Published on 5th Jan 2023

This fully-electric, autonomous people mover could be the answer to traffic congestion.

Designed by Pininfarina together with HOLON, the mover will be used for ride-hailing at airports, school campuses, and parks.

The mover will be unveiled for the first time today at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 

It will operate autonomously, meaning no one will need to be behind the wheel, and will have a range of about 290 kilometers (180 miles).

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With a maximum speed of 60 km/h (37mph) it’s not winning any speed records, but that’s not the goal here.

It’s been designed with passenger comfort and safety in mind.

The mover can seat up to 15 people. 

It has an asymmetrical design, double-wing doors with photo-electric sensors, and an automatically extending ramp at the back.


Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro has described the mover as a “design icon”.

Let’s hear them out.

“The vehicle design combines two character traits – friendly and inviting as well as technologically advanced and clear,” he said. 

“Every detail of the vehicle is designed to make passengers feel more comfortable and safer.” 

Managing Director of HOLON Marco Kollmeier said the mover would be “an answer to social megatrends”.

He says the EV will be an answer to traffic congestion in major cities and will be emission-free. 

“With our mover, we are proving that emission-free, safe, comfortable and inclusive passenger transportation is possible,” he said. 

The first pilot project has already been announced too. 

The mover will be put to use in Germany’s second largest mass transit company; the Hamburg Hochbahn.

In the US, it will be used by mobility provider, Beep. 

Kollmeier said autonomous driving was in mind when designing every element of the car. 

“The result s the world’s highest-quality vehicle of its kind.” 

He said the mover was the beginning of a new era of “smart, sustainable mobility” that could be used in both public and private passenger transport. 

HOLON, which is a new brand from BENTELER, will start production on the mover in the US in 2025.

Production will then begin in both Europe, the Middle East and Asia.



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