This Dad just built a crazy homemade DeLorean for his kids

This dad just built an insanely detailed DeLorean for his kids... with a flux capacitor and all.

by | Published on 9th Jun 2023

This dad really pulled out all the stops on this one.

For Halloween, he built his kids a handmade DeLorean so they could go as Doc and Morty.

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While most people buy their kids a costume from the store, this dad was determined to remake the classic Back To The Future and did so in epic fashion.

Dude Dad documented the whole process over on his YouTube channel and it’s definitely worth a watch.

First, he bought an old Power Wheels ride-on which he stripped down to just the chassis.

After drawing up the designs, he then set to work cutting sheets of wood to build the body of the DeLorean.

But this is when Dude Dad encountered his first problem – the DeLorean’s body was getting too heavy.

In a bid to reduce some weight, he took to the bodywork with a hole saw.

Pieced together, the next job was to spray the frame with a black spray can before mounting it to the chassis and reattaching the wheels.

Before going any further, Dude Dad had to ensure it would work, so he hooked up the electronics to see if it would actually drive.

Clearly pleased with his efforts so far, he couldn’t resist the opportunity to let one of his kids take it out for a quick test drive.

Not quite yet finished, the DeLorean was back in the garage to continue work on the body, which involved adding lifting doors and spraying the entire car silver.

Dude Dad then went over the wooden bodywork with a hand sander giving it that “authentic” look, just like the original’s stainless steel panels. 

He then hooked up a motor speed control to dial up or dial down the amount of power the imitation flux capacitor uses.

The last job on Dude Dad’s list was to wire up some lights on the DeLorean before it was ready to hit the road.

But, Dude Dad isn’t any ordinary dad – he had to make a cinematic movie to celebrate creating such an amazing toy, and of course his kid’s loved every second of it.

Check it out for yourself – the video’s below!



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