Believe it or not, this Ferrari LaFerrari is fake

Owning a $1.5 million LaFerrari is a dream only few get to realize. So a group of friends from Vietnam built one instead.

by | Published on 14th Feb 2023

Owning a $1.5 million Ferrari LaFerrari is a dream only a limited few get to realize. 

But that hasn’t stopped a group of friends from a small rural village in Vietnam from taking matters into their own hands. 

Yep, the guys built their very own LaFerrari that looks like the real thing and even sounds like the real thing.

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The guys from NHẾT TV spent 250 days working to build the homemade Ferrari LaFerrari from scratch.

And they say they built it as a gift for their car-fanatic daughters.

How did they do it? 


Homemade Ferrari LaFerrari build

The men started with an old, run-down Toyota Crown and gutted it, using only the chassis and the engine.

They took the 4-cylinder petrol engine from the Toyota Crown, cleaned it, and spray-painted it to look brand new. 

Then they installed it right behind the seats, making it a mid-engine car just like the real LaFerrari. 

Then came the fun part.

The frame

Using detailed measurements, the guys built a custom frame from scratch. 

With the frame built using steel, the guys then headed to a local quarry to source some clay (although we think this was added for comedic effect as they eventually resorted to using perfectly square cuts of clay). 

They then proceed to apply the clay over the frame and sculpt it with their hands to represent the lines of the LaFerrari.

Once this is done, they cover the mold with fiberglass to create the actual body panels of the car. 

The detail is incredible, with all the shapes and lines being accurate to the real $1.5 million supercar. 

Then they sanded it down and hit it with some paint. 

And to save us all the disappointment, they went with the iconic Ferrari red color.

The details

Then the guys added windows, a glass engine cover, and the windshield. 

Then came taillights, headlights, brake lights, red brake calipers, and of course, Ferrari badging everywhere. 

After eight months of hard work, the guys had their very own Ferrari LaFerrari to drive around through their little Vietnamese village. 

Pretty remarkable. 



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