Design student pens concept car that looks better than the original

A striking black carbon + gold color combo, flared wheel arches, exposed suspension arms and massive side steps - this hydrogen Bac Mono concept is incredible.

by | Published on 26th Feb 2023

An automotive design student has sketched a concept car that looks almost better than the original.

It’s based on the Mono, a single-seater sports car made by British manufacturer Bac.

But this one’s lower, wider, and a lot more aggressive.

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Bac is currently working on a new vehicle dubbed e-Mono, a hydrogen-powered concept to complement and eventually replace the gas version.

The company has so far only revealed some early sketches for the upcoming model.

And based on these, automotive design student Maitreya Dhanak penned his own sketches and turned them into a 3D-enhanced prototype.

The concept even follows Bac’s iconic design language, coming in with a striking black carbon and gold colorway.


Hydrogen Bac Mono concept design

The roofless, doorless concept has a slim, slender body and a single-seat layout for the interior.

At the front, you’ll find four round headlamps, an F1-style intake, a sleek diffuser and exposed suspension arms.

The side profile reveals exaggerated side steps that extend way past the bodywork.

And then lastly, you’ve got pronounced wheel arches and a massive diffuser at the rear.

The prototype is designed as a hydrogen car but it’s unclear where the fuel cells and electric unit should be located in Dhanak’s prototype.

Ordinarily, automakers tend to place them underneath the body, usually at the center, for better weight distribution.

As for the e-Mono, Bac’s own sketches reveal a rear mid-engine layout.

Just like its gas-powered counterpart, the hydrogen supercar is fast as lightning because it’s super-lightweight.

It weighs just 600 kg (1,300 lbs), and that means the 371-hp powertrain can propel the e-Mono from standstill to 60 mph (100 km/h) in just 2.2 seconds.

The top speed is 266 km/h (165 mph).

There’s no ETA for the hydrogen Mono just yet, but we can expect a full reveal by 2025.



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