Enthusiast offers rare inside look at the iconic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

It's a unique POV from the 100-year-old plane.
  • A total of 12,731 B-17 planes were manufactured
  • Only six of them remain airworthy
  • Many pilots who flew during World War II preferred the B-17

Published on Mar 16, 2024 at 10:14AM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Mar 18, 2024 at 2:13PM (UTC+4)

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If you are a fan of World War II-era bomber aircraft then you might recognize the iconic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

As of February 2024, six aircraft remain airworthy, due to none of them being flown in combat.

One particular enthusiast was lucky enough to take a ride in one of these aircraft and give us an inside look at the iconic Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

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The fascinating video gives us an inside POV from the aircraft’s cockpit, including the gunner module.

The B-17 was one of the few World War II-era planes that had the gunner positioned at the nose of the plane while the pilot sat right behind him.

Despite 12,731 of these heavy bombers being built, only six remain operational.

However, there are a dozen more of these B-17 aircraft in storage or on static display.

Speaking of retired World War II-era planes, only recently a 102-year-old former RAF pilot took to the skies in a Spitfire.

He was the oldest person in the world to do so while raising money for charity.

Even 60-year-old Hollywood veteran, Tom Cruise, once accepted the MTV Award for Best Performance in a Movie while… flying an old fighter plane.

Plus it wasn’t just any plane, but a P-51 Mustang aircraft that was used in World War II and the Korean War.

During World War II, the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress became a symbol of the United States of America’s air power.

Many pilots who flew during World War II preferred the B-17 for its greater stability and ease in formation flying.

Despite extensive battle damage, several stories and photos of the aircraft making it back to base on numerous occasions were widely circulated during the war.

Although it had an inferior performance and smaller bombload, the tales of B-17’s durability became legendary.

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