Inside the 394ft superyacht inspired by sharks

Published on Jun 28, 2022 at 12:32 PM (UTC+4)
by Patrick Jackson

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Inside the 394ft superyacht inspired by sharks

This 120m (394 foot) beauty called Mako is one of the most unique-looking superyachts ever designed.

The name and look of the yacht is no coincidence, as it draws inspiration from the shortfin mako shark.

Created by design studio State of Craft, the concept is defined by its long, continuous surfaces.

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Its silver hull also draws directly upon the color of the shortfin mako shark’s belly.

The many ‘gills’ along the side are also a clear sign of its inspiration.

The gills also serve as big windows that make the interior and covered deck areas incredibly well-lit.

Designed as a long-range expedition vessel, it’s also been envisioned at the cutting edge of sustainable design.

The aim would be for the superyacht to feature hydrogen fuel cells, electric motors, batteries, and solar panels to allow for zero emissions travel.


Its unique design lends to a bright interior defined by curved surfaces rather than right angles.

Although the cabin design would be customizable for each buyer, the company has centered the layout around a luxe living room space.

The rear deck and balcony offers a great lounging space with views of what’s behind you.

At the front, meanwhile, there’s a massive window for you to take in the view from indoors.

But the standout, is the pavilion on the deck.

Featuring a pool, lounging areas, and retractable covers to open it up or shut out the elements, it makes for an ideal place to relax.

There’s even a helipad adjoining it for passengers to get to and from the yacht.

The helipad can also be used for drones.

Although it’s only State of Craft’s first superyacht concept – and no more than renderings at this stage – The British-Canadian studio has knocked it out of the park with their first yacht design.

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