YouTuber manages to build the world’s first invisible PC setup

  • This YouTuber created a computer setup that’s almost entirely invisible
  • The setup consists of a laptop screen, a motherboard, a mouse and a keyboard
  • The only thing that’s visible is the screen

Published on Jun 26, 2024 at 8:01 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Jun 28, 2024 at 1:30 PM (UTC+4)
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A YouTuber has built an invisible computer setup that’s almost entirely transparent.

Apart from the screen, of course.

He did it using a combination of genius ideas and tech gizmos.

But mostly using his wits.

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The invisible computer setup was created by a YouTuber who goes by Basically Homeless on the platform, he’s the same guy who created the DIY Apple Vision Pro.

He did it with bits he found from thrift stores, almost like what Iron Man did to create the body armor in a cave, using nothing but bits he found.

How he built the invisible computer

Basically Homeless, real name Nick Zetta, started by disassembling a laptop to remove the motherboard, which he then fixed into a desk.

The next step was the mouse, which he created in a way that’s so advanced it’s almost magical.

“I made a computer science team write a program that detects the location of my fingers and hand using a depth-sensing camera that’s hidden within a lamp,” he explains in the video.

For the keyboard, he cut a hole in the desk and embedded the keyboard inside using liquid plastic resin.

The screen was the hardest part, because, well, you kind of have to see it to use it.

“I hollowed out a spot for a projector, a one-inch projector, that fits inside the desk and it reflects off of a mirror onto this optically clear piece of polycarbonate with a very expensive nanoparticle film that stops the image in the air for a levitating hologram screen,” he further explained.

The result is quite frankly outstanding.

The fascination with transparent tech gizmos

Several companies tried creating transparent versions of their tech products.

Nintendo did it with the Switch, and back when phones still had bits you could remove yourself, several aftermarket brands would sell you transparent battery covers and things of that sort.

And then there’s Nothing.

The company behind one of the most hyped smartphones in the world always uses a transparent theme for its products.

The case of its new earbuds is semi-transparent, as is the shell of its new budget phone Nothing Phone 2a

Maybe somebody will make a fully transparent computer sooner or later.

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