Feast your eyes on the Kraken, the 244-ft ‘monster of the sea’

The Kraken superyacht concept has four decks, a beach club, a helipad, and accommodation in each hull. It's also inspired by the Vapour GT supercar concept.

by | Published on 13th Feb 2023

This is the Kraken superyacht and it’s one of the most aggressive, striking designs ever to hit the water.

The concept is laid out like a catamaran and has four decks, a beach club, a helipad, and accommodation in each hull. 

Designed by Gray Design, the Kraken was actually inspired by the Vapour GT concept car, and together, they make a seriously epic pair.

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The team behind the concept is Swedish design studio, Gray Design

Together with the Vapour GT concept, Gray Design said it wanted to create a “matching set of extreme vehicles for land and sea”.

And that’s exactly what they’ve done.


Kraken superyacht design 

The Kraken measures 75 meters (244 feet) long and comes with an 18-meter (60-foot) long beam. 

It has a beach club at the back of the yacht and a helipad at the front. 

The windscreen serves as a skylight for the large lounge on the owner’s deck and the pilot house is raised to allow you to see over the entire vessel. 

The metallic paintwork is accentuated by intense red highlights, chrome brightwork and dark stained teak decking.

This catamaran doesn’t just look incredible, it’s fast too, getting up to a top speed of 35 knots (40 mph).

Vapour GT supercar

Inspiration for the Kraken comes from the Vapour GT. 

The Vapour GT was also designed by Gray Design, and if you thought the yacht was beastly, this supercar concept takes things to the next level. 

There’s nothing modest about the styling, with every surface and detail screaming for attention.

It has super aggressive edges that almost look like they’ve been sculpted the wind. 

The open design has glass aerofoils at the front and rear of the car as well as appearing on the side intakes and cockpit. 

It also has huge air intakes at the front of the car.


Gray Design says the concept was designed with a 2.0-liter supercharged engine. 

And with a weight under 900kg, the Vapour GT can theoretically reach 100km/h (62 mph) in under 3.2 seconds.

From concept to reality

While the Vapour GT is just a concept for now, Gray Design says it will build it for the right price. 

“The Vapour GT will be custom built by our team of automotive experts who have been involved in the development of the Bugatti Veyron and other extreme builds,” it said. 

Gray Design said it would guarantee the driving experience matched the extreme design of the car.

Vapour GT supercar price

Gray Design says it will build the supercar for the ‘right price’.

But unfortunately, it hasn’t specified what the right price is.

Regardless, for a catamaran of this size and quality, you’d be looking at at least $5 million.



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