Lamborghini unveils 53 luxury villas inspired by its cars

These Lamborghini villas are astonishing, and each home comes with an infinity pool, crazy design and beautiful terraces.

by | Published on 28th Jun 2023

Lamborghini teamed up with DarGlobal, a real estate firm, to build 53 villas inspired by Lambo supercars.

Located in Costa del Sol in the south of Spain, the homes are perched on the hills above Benahavis in Andalusia, and they look absolutely stunning.

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Dubbed Tierra Viva, which is Spanish for Alive Earth, the residential complex comprises three different types of homes.

You’ve got Diamante, Zafiro and Esmeralda, with six, five and four bedrooms respectively.

Even though they come in different sizes, all 53 homes have a panoramic infinity pool, terraces and balconies, gardens, and of course direct car access.

So you can park your Lambo car outside your Lambo home.

Design-wise, the Lamborghini villas combine traditional Mediterranean elements such as marble flooring with contemporary features, like floor-to-ceiling windows and kitchen islands.

The design firm also decided to add a splash of Lamborghini yellow to offset the otherwise monochrome color theme.

It is also interesting how they managed to make ordinary colors like grey and white look multi-dimensional.

Between the marble floor, the walls, the kitchen countertop and the ceiling, for example, we can detect at least three different ‘shades’ of white.

The location picked by Lamborghini is just perfect.

You may have never heard of Benahavis, but you’ve probably heard of Marbella and Puerto Banus, both of which are a stone’s throw from the complex.

A 10-minute Lamborghini Urus drive away, if you like.

The price for each apartment is only revealed upon request but bear in mind the whole project costs just a hair under $300 million.

That works out at a cost of around $5.5 million for each home.

With that in mind, it’s fair to assume would-be owners will need at least $10+ million to buy one of the villas.



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