Leak reveals 2 new Xbox Series consoles coming in 2024

FTC vs. Microsoft documents reveal plans for two new Xbox series consoles, plus a new two-tone controller with modular thumbsticks.

by | Published on 19th Sep 2023

It appears Microsoft’s going to launch two new Xbox Series consoles in 2024.

This isn’t a rumor; leaked documents from the company’s recent FTC court trial say so.

Apparently, an entirely new XBox Series X will be the first console to launch in October next year.

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Codenamed “Brooklin”, the new Xbox Series X console will be all-digital and sports a new cylindrical design.

Brooklin is set to offer 2TB of internal storage (up for 1TB), faster Wi-Fi, and will come with Microsoft’s refreshed Xbox controller.

The new controller – codenamed Sebile – is set to be announced later this year and will include an accelerometer for gyro support.

According to the documents, “precise haptic feedback” and “VCA haptics double as speakers” are listed as specs for the controller.

It’ll supposedly have quieter buttons and thumsticks, a rechargeable and swappable battery, modular thumbsticks, and you’ll be able to lift it up to wake it.

As for the Xbox Series X console, it’ll also draw less power, include a front-facing USB-C slot, and be offered at the current Xbox Series X price of $499.

Codenamed “Ellewood”, the new Xbox Series S keeps the current Series S look and $299 price tag.

Ellewood features 1TB internal storage, and again – faster Wi-Fi, reduced power, and the new Xbox controller mentioned previously.

So, what to make of all this? The obvious downside to Microsoft here is the timing.

Obviously, the company would have wanted to reveal details of two new Xbox consoles on their own terms.

That being said, based on previously unveilings, these documents practically feel like the sort of thing they would have used anyway.

It’s also worth noting that this is a “refresh” rather than a distinct upgrade in power for the consoles.

That would suggest many current Xbox series console owners probably won’t feel the need to shell out for the latest shiny model.



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