This flying supercar is straight out of a Sci-Fi movie 

Published on Jul 27, 2022 at 9:19 AM (UTC+4)
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This flying supercar is straight out of a Sci-Fi movie 

This is the Leo Coupe and it’s a flying supercar. 

The eVTOL concept has an open glass floor and a front seat that hangs suspended from the roof. 

The glass floor was designed to give the pilot clear vision below them as they come in to land.

It’s also got a futuristic heads-up display on the windscreen, showing the pilot everything they need to see without the need for large, inhibiting screens.

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It’s small enough to fit in your garage, but quicker than most hypercars, reaching speeds of up to 400km/h (250mph). 

The three-passenger aircraft from Urban is the brainchild of an electric propulsion specialist and a supercar designer.


As a result, the interior looks like that of a supercar. 

It even has massive gullwing doors to welcome the pilot and two passengers inside.

The eVTOL has a unique electric jetpack design which uses five clusters of electrically powered jet turbines. 

Four are used to lift the aircraft into the air and the fifth is used to propel it forward.

Urban eVTOL co-founder Carlos Salaff said they designed the Leo without protruding propeller blades to prevent harm to people or property. 

He said this would also allow it to take off and land almost anywhere. 

The Leo Coupe is priced at $300,000, which is actually quite low compared to many other eVTOLs in the making. 

Salaff said the company plans to use the aircraft for ridesharing.

Urban said it would also be perfect for fire and rescue missions.

The company also said it has plans to bring out kit versions of the Leo which could potentially be flown using a mobile phone app.


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