Exploring Motley Crue’s abandoned jet for first time in years as it goes on sale for affordable price
Drake owns an extremely rare $1.3million Bugatti model with only 15 cars ever made
This giant potato is actually a beautiful Airbnb you can stay in
Woman discovers 12 million-year-old object while walking on the beach


Man accidentally spent a year in space and set a new record he never intended
Frank Rubio was supposed to spend six months in space, he ended up spending...
Discovery from space shows how the pyramids were built
We may finally be getting closer to an answer.
The fastest man-made object in the world is moving at a speed of 692,000 kilometers per hour
There's fast, then there's 692,000 km/h fast.
There is a futuristic $65m underwater parking garage where no car will ever go
It can fit 7,000 vehicles inside, though.
Rupert Grint bought the strangest mode of transport after earning 'Harry Potter' fortune
It's so wholesome.
Beyoncé's $1m vintage Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce II is one of the world's most unique cars
The classic car was a 25th birthday gift from Jay-Z.
Private jet on a Bali hillside is actually the best villa in the world
We've never seen a hot tub in a cockpit before.
Race on to extract $540b worth of 'white gold' discovered beneath California lake
It makes the California-based reservoir the largest in the world.
Elon Musk reveals on X why he’s not a GTA fan and could never bring himself to play GTA V
He's made his feelings clear.
Mechanic chimp named Limbani is actually capable of changing brake pads
He's pretty handy with a screwdriver.
Coolest backyard in the world is a race track that features 22 turns
Boys and their toys...
Young friends convert shipwreck in middle of ocean into cozy lounge with gaming console
Imagine spending a night under the stars in the middle of the ocean.
Man makes astonishing amount after MrBeast pays him $10k for every day he stays in grocery store
The guy built a swimming pool in the store, which would ultimately be his...
How Billie Eilish spends her incredible fortune as a 21-year-old millionaire
The Grammy-award winner doesn't flash the cash like many celebrities.
Tesla superfan files trademark for 'Cybercatamaran'
A Seattle company has already made a 'Cybercatamaran' and filed a trademark...
NASA telescope reveals 'candyfloss' planet where it rains sand
It also has scorching temperatures, raging winds and smells of sulphur...
US to return to the moon for first time in 50 years but this time there's a big difference
This time there'll be no "small step for man" despite it being a "giant...
Take a rare look inside Elon Musk's tiny $50,000 home
It's not the type of staged interior shot you'd expect to see in a billionaire's...
The world’s most traveled man has a record no one will ever beat
He flew Concorde so often they gave him his own seat.
Shakira had to spend $15 Million to move her luxurious fleet of cars from Spain to US
Who knew Shakira was so into cars?
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