Tesla superfan files trademark for 'Cybercatamaran'
NASA telescope reveals 'candyfloss' planet where it rains sand
US to return to the moon for first time in 50 years but this time there's a big difference
Take a rare look inside Elon Musk's tiny $50,000 home


The world’s most traveled man has a record no one will ever beat
He flew Concorde so often they gave him his own seat.
Shakira had to spend $15 Million to move her luxurious fleet of cars from Spain to US
Who knew Shakira was so into cars?
Lil Wayne was gifted Lamborghini and $25k watch from Saudi Royal Prince
We've never had this outcome at airport security.
Elon Musk broke the world record for the largest personal fortune loss in history
He's still wildly rich, though.
There is a $20 billion airport located in the ocean and it's blowing everybody away
Most of the money has gone toward keeping the airport afloat, literally.
J. Cole sold his car and swapped it for surprising mode of transport
The American rapper and record producer prefers something that's manpowered...
Conor McGregor targeting Michael Jordan's net worth to become world's richest sports star
You better watch your back, Michael.
Man is selling piece of the Titanic for eye-watering amount
It's worth how much?!
Three-year cruise around the world costing $230k cancelled at last minute due to not having a ship
It takes a lot longer than the allegorical 80 days.
A look inside Dr Dre's luxury car garage will leave you extremely jealous
Dr Dre's luxury cars are as on beat as his Grammy-Award-winning music.
Liquid-hydrogen-powered plane would fly from the UK to the US without refueling
It is bigger than a Boeing 737, and it seats up to 279 people.
Conor McGregor's luxury private jet 'dominates the skies'
Not only does McGregor dominate the Octagon - he dominates the skies, too.
World's largest cruise ship five times bigger than Titanic about to set sail
The 'Icon of the Seas', the world's largest cruise ship, has seven swimming...
This entire 30,000 ton Chinese building was rotated 90 degrees in unprecedented project
You could call it the most powerful move in the world.
Conor McGregor owns one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Ghost with highly customized exterior
It's as in your face as he is.
Meta employee buys six-figure apartment on cruise ship so he can work from home whilst exploring world
Despite the hefty price tag, his studio is one of the cheapest apartments...
Earth hit by extremely powerful cosmic ray but no one knows where it came from
Scientists spotted the particle of intense energy, but explaining where...
'New Concorde' jet that flies from New York to London in record time set to make first flight
You can watch a soccer game and land before the final whistle.
Indian businessman hosts unbelievable looking wedding for daughter on board private jet
They hosted a massive 350 guests aboard a modified Boeing 747 aircraft.
Astronaut Mark Vande Hei returned to earth a changed man after 355 days aboard the ISS
His bones alone have aged by two decades.
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