Steve Jobs' obsession with $45m Gulfstream Jet inspired quirky Apple design
Inside the world's largest doomsday community home to $55,000 bunkers
MrBeast reveals enormous production scale behind single video in behind-the-scenes footage
The evolution of private jet design and interiors - from practical to practically a palace


Fresh behind-the-scenes images show The Line's transport network taking shape
NEOM is building a network of service tunnels.
Woman bought $1.1m diamond ring for $12 at car boot sale, thinking it was just a crystal
That's some luck.
Construction officially begins on high-speed train connecting Vegas to LA
It would literally cut the journey time in half
Dubai had plans to build world's first underwater tennis court costing $2.5 billion
This would've been awesome.
Fans amazed as Lewis Hamilton cruises Tokyo in jaw-dropping supercar
And it's a great video, by the way.
Here's everything Elon Musk has to say about the Tesla Cybertruck - and it might surprise you
What are his real opinions?
Airbus A380 versus Boeing 747: we put the giants of the sky head to head
So which one do you think is better?
American company drives people over bridges who are too scared to do it themselves
A superhero for people with gephyrophobia.
$100 billion eco-friendly 'Forest city' is now a ghost town with no change in site
Fast forward a few years and it will become a true Forest City.
World's first gold-plated hotel opens in Vietnam with interior and exterior in 24-karat gold
That's what you call the epitome of luxury!
There is a road in America where there is not a single turn for 200 kilometers
A beautiful road with a sinister name
Rick Ross shows off $35M mansion on exclusive island, telling Drake to buy empty lot next door
"They're only asking 37 million which ain’t much."
Streamer Stevewilldoit surprises friend Sketch with an astonishing Lamborghini
How about that for a present?
Maserati reveals $2.6 million electric yacht complementing its latest EV offering
A brand with a plan!
Chinese billionaire splurges over $250 million on luxurious mansions across the globe
Talk about living a luxury life!
Man who bought an entire cruise ship on Craigslist now lives there
Well played, Willson!
Tyrese Gibson's heartwarming reaction to seeing Paul Walker's Nissan Skyline for first time in years
It seemed to bring back a lot of memories
Elon Musk announces new X users will be charged for using the platform
Will we finally have to pay for posting on the app?
Owner of Gucci purchases $1.4 billion building in Europe's largest deal of recent times
A luxury building in a luxury fashion street
Trucker captures mysterious ghostly figure on dashcam while driving on empty road
It's one of America's most dangerous roads
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