Rick Ross shows off $35M mansion on exclusive island, telling Drake to buy empty lot next door
Streamer Stevewilldoit surprises friend Sketch with an astonishing Lamborghini
Tyrese Gibson's heartwarming reaction to seeing Paul Walker's Nissan Skyline for first time in years
Elon Musk broke the world record for the largest personal fortune loss in history


Logan Paul gifts IShowSpeed brand new Cybertruck, his reaction is priceless
IShowSpeed and Logan Paul appeared together at WrestleMania last Sunday.
Nita Ambani seen in her customized Rolls-Royce for the first time as Ambani family 'turn Google maps red'
Even at night, the bright pink Roller stands out.
Wife of Asia’s richest man Mukesh Ambani bought head-turning customized Rolls-Royce Phantom
It is actually quite tasteful
Gordon Ramsay spotted driving his brand new Aston Martin Valour through London
The V12 engine is as loud as its famous owner.
Asia's wealthiest family were filmed driving an unbelievable 20-car convoy through Dubai
And his personal car was a bright orange Rolls-Royce Cullinan.
Mark Zuckerberg overtakes Elon Musk as world's third-richest man with new net worth
Battle of the billionaires.
Bill Goldberg took delivery of stunning 1-of-1 Dodge Demon 170
It's a history-making muscle car in action
DJ Khaled shows off having Scuderia Ferrari F1 race car on his driveway
Only an A-list celebrity like DJ Khaled could pull something like this...
MrBeast lives in a zero-bedroom apartment despite making millions of dollars a year
Taking working from home to a whole new level
IShowSpeed bought his first car and it was a Cristiano Ronaldo themed Lamborghini
He really must love Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo's updated car collection after Ferrari Daytona purchase is wild
He could open his own showroom.
Cristiano Ronaldo spotted driving his new Ferrari 'spaceship' in Portugal
It was added to his already impressive car collection.
Inside the wild car collection of Elon Musk
It's pretty impressive, but there's a catch.
MrBeast's Amazon Prime game show will be biggest competition in TV history with $5m cash prize
1,000 contestants will compete.
Jeff Bezos briefly reclaims title of world's richest person after dethroning Elon Musk for less than a day
Bezos was back on top, but it didn't last long.
Plans unveiled for Mark Zuckerberg's $260m bunker on hidden island
It's an ambitious project.
Chef Gordon Ramsay is the owner of exceptionally rare Aston Martin Valour spotted on streets
The Valour is one of 110 made for a very special reason.
Erling Haaland has recently bought an exclusive limited-edition Mercedes-AMG One car
There's only 275 units in existence.
Drake shares 'heart-stopping' moment pilots landed his private jet in low visibility
Not the kind of mile high club you want to join.
Rihanna was supposedly paid an outrageous amount to perform at Mukesh Ambani's son's pre-wedding bash
A true big fat Indian wedding.
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