Shaq spent 7 figures on cars in one day after car dealer asked him unbelievably annoying question
Exploring Motley Crue’s abandoned jet for first time in years as it goes on sale for affordable price
Drake owns an extremely rare $1.3million Bugatti model with only 15 cars ever made
Rupert Grint bought the strangest mode of transport after earning 'Harry Potter' fortune


Beyoncé's $1m vintage Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce II is one of the world's most unique cars
The classic car was a 25th birthday gift from Jay-Z.
Elon Musk reveals on X why he’s not a GTA fan and could never bring himself to play GTA V
He's made his feelings clear.
How Billie Eilish spends her incredible fortune as a 21-year-old millionaire
The Grammy-award winner doesn't flash the cash like many celebrities.
Take a rare look inside Elon Musk's tiny $50,000 home
It's not the type of staged interior shot you'd expect to see in a billionaire's...
Shakira had to spend $15 Million to move her luxurious fleet of cars from Spain to US
Who knew Shakira was so into cars?
Lil Wayne was gifted Lamborghini and $25k watch from Saudi Royal Prince
We've never had this outcome at airport security.
Elon Musk broke the world record for the largest personal fortune loss in history
He's still wildly rich, though.
J. Cole sold his car and swapped it for surprising mode of transport
The American rapper and record producer prefers something that's manpowered...
Conor McGregor targeting Michael Jordan's net worth to become world's richest sports star
You better watch your back, Michael.
A look inside Dr Dre's luxury car garage will leave you extremely jealous
Dr Dre's luxury cars are as on beat as his Grammy-Award-winning music.
Conor McGregor's luxury private jet 'dominates the skies'
Not only does McGregor dominate the Octagon - he dominates the skies, too.
Conor McGregor owns one-of-a-kind Rolls-Royce Ghost with highly customized exterior
It's as in your face as he is.
Michael Jordan's mansion is down 50% in value while on sale despite coming with amazing free gifts
In fact, the freebies could be what's making this such a hard sell.
Conor McGregor shows off inside of jaw-dropping $2.7 million Lamborghini superyacht
It really does look like a supercar on water.
Drake owns an extremely rare $1.3million Bugatti model with only 15 cars ever made
It's capable of hitting 0-97 km/h (0-6 mph) inside 2.5 seconds.
Shaquille O'Neal shares what he has to do to fit into Ferarris and Lamborghinis
According to the former basketball professional, it's the "only time I...
Lewis Hamilton's $40m Monaco penthouse is a one-of-a-kind property
It's the least he deserves - he worked hard for it.
$400 billion rivalry between Musk and Bezos defined as 21st century Space Race
And NASA is fueling the feud.
Elon Musk plans to turn real-life James Bond car he bought for $1m into electric submarine
The Lotus Esprit starred in 1977's 'The Spy Who Loved Me'.
IShowSpeed buys new $10 million mansion aged just 18
Let's hope he doesn't burn this one down like he nearly did with his last...
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