Elon Musk responds after man builds fully functional Cybertruck out of wood for $15,000
YouTuber creates homemade Cybertruck that can drive itself
Man modifies children's toy car to reach 92.24 mph
Elon Musk responds after man builds fully functional Cybertruck out of wood for $15,000


Man's homemade steam-powered motorbike will reach 60kph
This steam-powered motorbike looks incredible, and it really works, too.
Guys build homemade Pagani Huayra from scratch and it looks like the real thing
A supercar replica that looks just like the real thing is almost unheard...
Elon Musk responds after man builds fully functional Cybertruck out of wood for $15,000
Many say they prefer this version to the real Cybertruck (!).
Man has created unbelievable 'truck house' to travel around Alaska
This tiny log cabin fits a surprising amount of people inside it.
Man creates drivable armchair that has a flamethrower attached
Because a drivable armchair isn't wild enough.
Man creates home-made Batpod that's actually rideable
The attention to detail is amazing.
Man attempts to build working Cybertruck and Cyberquad in 100 days using wood
The wooden Cybertruck's got some of the most intricate details you'll ever...
Guy puts gas generator in his Tesla to avoid plugging it in during road trip
YouTuber Matt Mikka just installed a gas generator in his Tesla Model S...
Baby stroller modded into BMW S1000 RR is the coolest way for a child to travel
That's one way of drawing attention to yourself.
This woman lives on a floating island in Canada that she hand-built with her late husband
The incredible DIY island has five greenhouses, a dancefloor, and a chicken...
Homemade Tesla Cybertruck driving down highway goes viral and sparks thousands of internet jokes
People have had to wait so long for the arrival of the highly-anticipated...
This man created his very own DIY Batmobile and it's absolutely epic
The attention to detail is incredible.
The Q just made his most bizarre creation yet
It might look ridiculous, but it actually works and the footage is hilarious....
This wheelless Frankenbike runs on tracks - and it actually works
The footage is going viral for good reason.
This guy converted a double-decker bus into a two story home for his family of 8
It has room for ten, two stories and even it has a rooftop area.
Watch this Ford Mustang transform into a boat
This footage looks like a Grand Theft Auto cheat code in real life.
Attempting to ride the most difficult DIY bicycle in the world
But what happens when you try to turn a corner?
These are the top 5 best and most bizarre DIY Cybertrucks in the world
Some of these are wildly accurate while others are just MAD.
This couple just transformed their truck into the most unique camper ever
This blue beauty has a deck plus a hidden bed and luxe bathroom.
This guy just created a Frankenbike with a working pizza oven on the back
It's a one-of-a-kind. Thankfully.
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