The incredible technology that'll give 'The Line' perfect weather every single day
Satellite fly-by at night gives brand new scope of 'The Line'
Unusual midair UFO encounter leaves plane passengers astonished and bewildered
Neom and 'The Line' map shows the enormity of the giga-project


Neom and 'The Line' map shows the enormity of the giga-project
Witness the true scale of the multi-billion dollar project.
Man unravels the secrets of Saudi Arabia's NEOM city while diving into the future of civilization
It brings humanity closer to nature and technology to tradition.
Boeing 737 converted into unbelievable apartment with a jet engine hot tub
There's a jet engine hot tub to relax in.
Incredible drone footage and images show the truth of Chernobyl after 37 years
There's more to it than meets the eye.
Couple who sold everything to live on cruise ship reveal how their lives have changed
It's more fun, and apparently cheaper, too.
Man converts Lockheed Jetstar plane into the most insane Airbnb
There's an Xbox built into the cockpit.
Owner of private jet villa reveals its coolest features in exclusive tour
It's everything you'd want from a holiday venue.
More drone images show the extent of 'Sindalah' and 'Oxagon' joining 'The Line' in Saudi Arabia
The construction progress is impressive.
Skyscraper as tall as the Eiffel Tower to be built in Saudi Arabia's desert ski resort
It's designed to look sparkle like crystal.
US Navy creating revolutionary submarine that can reach supersonic speeds
It's a potential game changer - but it's not going to happen tomorrow,...
New UK train is sustainable because it runs on human waste
Goodbye dirty diesel trains, hello human waste-fueled trains.
Man undertakes wingsuit dive at unprecedented proximity to Giza's Pyramids
It's a fresh new POV on ancient history.
Chinese aerospace company create winged rocket concept that can fly from New York to Beijing in just one hour
In just one hour - really?
The truth about mysterious Bermuda Triangle where planes and ships 'disappear'
Truth or myth?
Most isolated place on Earth where nearest people to you are astronauts in space
It'd take several weeks by boat to get there.
Electric magnetic vacuum-tube blurs lines between train and aircraft
It's being called the fifth mode of transportation.
Diver shares the truth about mysterious hollow island blacked out on Google Maps
Here's to hoping you don't have a fear of deep water.
Inside the hidden room in Mount Rushmore few have laid eyes on
Despite attracting millions of visitors each year, few know about the secret...
How people will travel in Saudi Arabia's $1tn 'The Line' with no cars or roads
It's building communities around people rather than roads.
Supercar Blondie's first visit to India
There's definitely some cool stuff going on in India.
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