Project Omnia is a van converted into a motorhome like none you've ever seen before
Off-road campervan is the most comfortable way to get exploring
Why there hasn't been any commercial supersonic planes since Concorde
Incredible footage shows dad sending message from his boat to daughter leaving on a plane


Incredible Airbnb property offers 'best seat on earth' to watch SpaceX rocket launches
A crash pad near the launch pad
Inside the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, proclaimed to be the eighth wonder of the world
The huge project can be seen from space
Skydivers flew through London's Tower Bridge at 153 miles per hour
It was a historic moment
Mystery billionaire selling plot of land at 'gates to the Arctic' for $323 million
It's the size of Manhattan, but with way more ice
Futuristic city built in Japan for $10 billion is a 'mass human experiment'
This is probably Toyota's most ambitious project yet
Boeing 737 vs Airbus A320: which is the best commercial plane in the world?
Which one to choose?
Dubai to build world's largest beach complete with high-tech bio domes
Dubai has big plans!
656-Foot ‘AirYacht’ concept that transports 40 people around the world coming closer to reality
Here's the future of traveling!
Airbnb introduces spectacular real-life Up house hanging from crane
A perfect place to stay!
Florida resort partners with Aston Martin to offer guests chance to drive world's fastest SUV
Sounds like a gearhead's perfect vacation
Man who took camera inside pyramids captured fascinating interior footage
Look away now if you're claustrophobic
Saudi Arabia says NEOM projects including The Line aren't actually being scaled back
The megaproject will go ahead as planned
Man moved into 5* all-inclusive hotel because it's cheaper than rent
Saving cash and living in a five-star all inclusive – win, win
Boeing 727 rescued from aircraft graveyard and transformed into stunning Airbnb
It looks like a jet from the 1950s
Qatar Airways debuts world's first human-like AI flight attendant
Say hello to Sama 2.0!
Inside presidential helicopter Marine One, equipped with advanced defense systems
A fortress in the sky.
World's largest airport being built in Dubai featuring 5 parallel runways
It'll be five times larger than Dubai International Airport
Active volcano in Antarctica spewing $6,000 worth of gold dust every day
Flecks have been found over 600 miles away
All 6,000 residents of this Polish town live together on one street
Now that's unusual
The Airscooter would be a personal flying machine, offering an alternative to cars
The future of traveling
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