The Lotus Evija Emerson Fittipaldi is a beautiful 2,000-hp beast

Limited to only 8 units.

by | Published on 14th Oct 2022

This is a limited-edition version of the 2,000-hp Evija, designed by Lotus as a tribute to one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time: Emerson Fittipaldi.

Production is limited to 8 units only.

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The black and gold colorway draws its inspiration from the iconic livery of the Lotus Type 72 that Fittipaldi drove in the 1970s.


In addition to its carbon fiber roof and the hand-painted exterior, you’ll also find the driver’s signature hand-stitched into the dashboard.

Under the hood, you’ll find the same exact ‘engine’ that powers the standard Evija: a 2,000-hp electric powertrain that makes the Evija one of the fastest cars in the world.

It does 0 to 60 in under three seconds and it has a top speed of 217 mph.

Lotus hasn’t revealed the price of this special edition model, but the standard Evija costs $2m, so you can safely expect a hefty premium on this one.

About the Lotus Evija

First unveiled in 2019, the Evija is the first electric car ever designed by Lotus.

It is powered by four individual electric units and a 70 kWh battery pack, giving a range of 250 miles.

It is obviously a huge deal for Lotus.

Not only was this the brand’s first new car since the 2008 Evora, but it also marks the start of a new era for a brand that made its name with lightweight, gas-powered sports cars.

About Emerson Fittipaldi

Emerson Fittipaldi is a retired Brazilian racing driver who was mostly active in the 1970s.

He started over 140 F1 races for Lotus and McLaren, winning 14 GPs and two championships, in 1972 and 1974.

In 1972, he won the championship at the wheel of a Lotus F1 car adorned with the legendary John Player Special livery in black and gold.



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