These expensive watches come in the weirdest shapes
Tom Ford lives in an extremely bizarre house that is half a movie set
New 269-foot superyacht comes with its own pizza oven and outdoor cinema
Liquid-hydrogen-powered plane would fly from the UK to the US without refueling


Conor McGregor's luxury private jet 'dominates the skies'
Not only does McGregor dominate the Octagon - he dominates the skies, too.
Saudi Arabia's $8b turtle-shaped yacht would be a floating city that breaks records
It houses shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and condos.
Lamborghini MTI 48 "Raging Bull" powerboat reaches exhilarating top speed on camera
Seeing the monster in action is a sight to behold.
'New Concorde' jet that flies from New York to London in record time set to make first flight
You can watch a soccer game and land before the final whistle.
This ultra-unique $218m Florida mega-mansion is on its own private island
The house boasts some of the most expensive bathrooms in the world.
Extremely rare vintage Rolex found in drawer restored to be worth whopping six-figures
It looks like new after the restoration.
Michael Jordan's $50 million mansion falls $14 million in price despite being one of the best in the world
Turns out the freebies could be what's making this such a hard sell.
Inside the most expensive and extravagant billionaire private jets
From Donald Trump’s gold-plated private plane to Kim Kardashian’s ultra-luxurious...
$24.5 million superyacht is simply a floating mancave
It's masculine and ultra-sleek.
The most luxurious RV in the world is a mansion of the road
It even has a flybridge-style roof terrace.
Billionaire's yacht has hidden component as you go deeper into its interior
This is like the Versace Mansion of the sea.
Taylor Swift-themed cruise to set sail in 2024 on one of Royal Caribbean's largest ships
The Swifties are setting sail.
You can buy an actual airplane for the price of the Louis Vuitton plane-shaped bag
This is the most meta carry-on luggage ever.
Bugatti unveils Christmas gift options including speakers worth $450,000
Invest in in the brand's craftsmanship and technology whatever your. budget.
Inside jaw-dropping castle design for Conor McGregor featuring supercar garage
AI architects have designed a home fit for the king of the MMA ring: Conor...
Michael Jordan earned close to half a million from his superyacht in one genius move
He's slowly chipping away at those wild maintenance bills.
The little-known world's richest woman has a net worth of $92.6 billion
You've probably never heard her name.
Inside incredible concept for $7.5 million mega mansion in shape of a cruise ship
Floated at Melbourne's most coveted postcode, its boasts five ‘decks’ and...
Take a look inside the world's most expensive house
There is a miniature Indian palace in the garden.
See inside the RV labeled ‘the epitome of luxury’ that is better than some houses
It includes underfloor heating a lavish lounge area and is elegantly finished...
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