Japanese students build unconventional 'flying cycle' aircraft propelled by pedaling
Malaysia suggests it will renew search for flight MH370 10 years after it went missing
Despite being designed to carry 280 passengers an unnamed billionaire turned this Boeing 787 into palace in the sky
Concorde simulator shows you exactly what it'd be like to fly Concorde


Footage of Xpeng flying car street landing in China sparks questions
The Xpeng flying car might be the future of transport, but it hasn't convinced...
Colossal 40-passenger flying taxi bus would transport people 331 miles in one hour
The flying taxi bus is a different class of eVOTL.
Inside secret hangars concealing America's $2 billion state-of-the-art stealth aircraft
Each hangar is 126 feet long, 250 feet wide and 55 feet high.
Volkswagen unveils working prototype of Flying Tiger electric flying car
It looks tremendous.
Family constantly on the move use a Vision Jet instead of a minivan to get around
Consider it a minivan in the sky.
Inside China's new plane set to compete with Airbus and Boeing for global dominance
Will China finally be able to go mainstream?
Dad builds Boeing 737-800 flight simulator in his garage with cockpit close to real thing
It's uncanny.
Reason behind so many flights being pushed to near-supersonic speeds recently
Faster isn't always the answer.
2003 footage shows how extraordinary it was to live near London Heathrow Airport as Concorde took off
You can actually see the after-burners.
Retiring Airbus A380 pilot performs breathtaking maneuver on final flight full of passengers
Passengers onboard the A380 must've been terrified.
People struggling to understand why parts from $34 billion aircraft boneyard can't be used
It holds over 3,280 military aircraft and 13 aerospace vehicles.
America might possess secret fastest ever jet capable of hypersonic speeds at Mach 5+
Blink and you've probably missed it.
Rare footage shows what it was like to be inside Concorde as it broke the sound barrier
It looks surprisingly... 'normal'.
How NASA's X-59 quiet supersonic aircraft will actually work
This is how NASA is making quiet commercial supersonic flight possible.
Expert provides theory on how missing flight MH370 actually got lost
The former captain has dropped a bombshell regarding MH370.
What it's like inside world's biggest ever passenger plane Airbus A380 that dwarfs ordinary jets
It is absolutely massive.
Airbus developing supersonic plane so fast you'll blink and your journey is over
It could get from London to New York in just one hour.
China designs a new plasma-powered stealth plane that looks straight out of a video game
It fools enemy radar systems and remain undetected.
Hyper-rich sheikh from the Middle East has converted Boeing 747 into a flying palace
It's rumored to have cost $450 million.
Commercial plane accidentally hits supersonic speeds over the Atlantic
The flight arrived well ahead of schedule.
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