Explorers find eerie $10m abandoned mansion where luxury cars and designer shoes have been left to rust
'Gordon Pointe' Estate is set to become the world’s most expensive property
Inside Jeff Bezos' extensive $600million property portfolio
To lure in buyers luxury mansion owner parked a $4.2 million Ferrari in living room


Most expensive penthouse in Dubai has a whopping nine-figure price tag
This is actually the most expensive property in the UAE.
Indian billionaire Vijay Mallya owns ‘White House in the sky’ atop skyscraper
Rumor has it, Mallya hasn't even stepped foot in the mansion.
New Zealand seaside mansion is designed like a superyacht
There are even rooms for deckhands on the property.
Rick Ross' Georgia mansion is more of a palace
He spent a surprisingly low amount of money on this house.
Spectacular side-by-side concept mansions for Messi and Ronaldo create an impossible choice
Which would you pick?
The Cyberhouse is like living inside a giant Cybertruck designed for the zombie apocalypse
The Cyberhouse is actually designed to be a bunker for the 'zombie apocalypse'
Most expensive penthouse in Dubai sold for $136,200,000
Not only is it the most expensive penthouse in Dubai, it is the most expensive...
Man returns home to land he bought in 1991 to find a $1.5 million house on it
The half-acre strip of land had changed a bit since he last visited.
Tom Ford lives in an extremely bizarre house that is half a movie set
It even has a jail on the property. Kind of.
Most expensive home in America sells with a huge discount for a wild reason
Talk about taking a hit.
This ultra-unique $218m Florida mega-mansion is on its own private island
The house boasts some of the most expensive bathrooms in the world.
Michael Jordan's $50 million mansion falls $14 million in price despite being one of the best in the world
Turns out the freebies could be what's making this such a hard sell.
Inside jaw-dropping castle design for Conor McGregor featuring supercar garage
AI architects have designed a home fit for the king of the MMA ring: Conor...
Inside incredible concept for $7.5 million mega mansion in shape of a cruise ship
Floated at Melbourne's most coveted postcode, its boasts five ‘decks’ and...
Take a look inside the world's most expensive house
There is a miniature Indian palace in the garden.
Inside the incredible $170m concept house designed for Ronaldo
Do you think there are enough treadmills in that home gym?
Photos show MLB star Manny Machado's outrageous $10,000,000 mansion that defies belief
No doubt Manny chills out in the infinity pool after a game.
This $387m Monaco penthouse is the most expensive in the world and it’s easy to see why
There's a very good reason why it can't find a buyer, though.
Billionaire unveils mouth-watering plans to build $400,000,000,000 US megacity
Where trains fly, cars are autonomous and a huge skyscraper powers the...
Inside the luxurious life of 'world's youngest billionaire' who owns a Bentley, private jet, and mansion aged just 10
His title has been up for considerable debate.
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