Billionaire paid $141,000 just to moor his $200 million superyacht next to the 2024 Monaco Grand Prix
Armani-designed $114 million superyacht already has a second owner despite not being built yet
Man who’s lived on cruise ship for 23 years has one necessary tip for doing so
The ultimate F1 superyacht 2024 takes Bugatti Chiron onboard to head to Monaco Grand Prix


Saudi Prince to take delivery of world's largest fishing yacht
It's spread across six decks
Man went from working on yachts to owning his own superyacht and Lamborghini
And he did it by exploiting a gap he'd seen in the yacht market
394-foot superyacht where the only thing more impressive than the size is the living quarters
She's as big as she is beautiful
Cutting-edge 55-foot carbon-fiber yacht is like a spaceship on water
Turning heads from Southampton to St Tropez
World's largest cruise company announces 100% of its ships now equipped with Starlink
High-speed internet in the ocean
A closer look at the 350-foot sailing yacht with annual maintenance costs like buying 10 Bugattis
One of the world's most efficient boats
249-foot superyacht officially delivered to billionaire owner after 4 years of construction
For a yacht this large...she's actually quite understated
Tech billionaire's $75 million superyacht spotted in San Francisco Bay
It's available to charter, too
After 5 years Bill Gates' unique hydrogen fuel-cell-powered superyacht is finally ready
But apparently he already has a plan for it.
Spacecraft-inspired superyacht customized for billionaire features dedicated video game chamber
It also has a steam room, hydrotherapy space and three swimming pools
Cruise ship-like superyacht costs almost triple the amount per night as Icon of the Seas
It's a cruise ship, it's a yacht, what is it?
Maserati reveals $2.6 million electric yacht complementing its latest EV offering
A brand with a plan!
Mind-blowing superyacht concept has a display room for your Ferrari
The pursuit of adventure doesn't have to come at the cost of style and...
Lexus debuts luxurious yacht to rival Lamborghini
The Lamborghini yacht has a tough competitor!
New WaterCar is an EV on land that transforms into a 18-foot boat
It's genius.
Exclusive look inside the Lamborghini yacht worth $4M
This Lamborghini yacht is the supercar of the seas.
Megayacht that costs $3.3million per week to charter is unlike any other vessel
It looks like it might be worth it, though.
US Navy's FLIP ship was the world's most unique vessel that could stand vertically
Who wants to go for a ride?
Electric superyachts and flying cars combine to create vehicle of the future
It's something you'll want to get on board with.
Inside plans for $1b superyacht that comes with its own detachable airship
It's an incredible concept.
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