Mark Zuckerberg shows off the Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in action

  • Meta teamed up with Ray-Ban to launch smart glasses
  • These smart glasses can take pictures and videos and directly upload to Instagram
  • They’re made by Ran-Ban and cost probably less than you’d think

Published on Mar 12, 2024 at 8:55 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

Last updated on Mar 14, 2024 at 1:07 PM (UTC+4)
Edited by Adam Gray

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta teamed up with Ray-Ban to develop a new type of smart glasses.

Zuckerberg himself took to Instagram to showcase what the Ray-Ban Meta can do, and they’re quite impressive.

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For starters, these are proper Ray-Bans.

As in, they look like normal sunglasses, not like some gigantic, ungainly headset, like Meta’s Quest or the Apple Vision Pro, which Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a big fan of, by the way.

The design that Meta and Ray-Ban chose as a base for their product are two flagship models, the Wayfarer and Headliner and, on the surface at least, Meta’s Ray-Bans look like a normal pair of sunglasses.

But they’re not.

Even though they’re no match for the Apple Vision Pro or Meta’s Quest, these glasses are fairly sophisticated.

They do some of the things that the aforementioned VR headsets can do, but they’re cheaper, and more importantly the wearer won’t look weird while wearing them in public.

The glasses are fitted with a touchpad you can use to play music, automatically synced with Spotify, and they also work as an ear piece and a speaker.

There are two buttons, one to turn them on, and another one to take pictures or videos.

Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses also support voice command, and can save videos and images to your phone gallery, or they can share them directly to Instagram or Facebook.

This is the feature that Zuckerberg was showcasing during his trip to Montana.

The idea is that you can take pictures or videos of what you’re seeing, as you’re seeing it.

Meta’s Ray-Bans are available in the US, UK, and the EU with pricing starting of around $329.


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