Multi-chromatic McLaren Elva set to sell for an eye-watering amount

Finished in Pacific Color Stream, the McLaren Elva certainly stands out, and that's without mentioning its diherdral doors and lack of windshield.

by | Published on 7th May 2023

It’s not every day that you spot a McLaren Elva for sale.

For starters, only 149 examples were made, but this particular example is even more unique.

It’s finished in a crazy Pacific Color Stream paint.

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The striking multi-chromatic color appears a different color depending on which angle you look at it from.

So, in some lights the hypercar appears blue, purple, or even orange.

Certainly the color to go for if you’re wanting to draw attention to yourself.

The 2021 McLaren Elva doesn’t just stand out because of its paint job, though.

The most startling visual aspect is the absence of a greenhouse of any form – no windshield, side or back glass at all.

You don’t have to worry about bugs flying into your face, though, because McLaren’s got you covered.

Its designers created special technology called the Active Air Management System, which channels air over the top of the cockpit when driving.

The Elva, which is unit number 122, has a bespoke carbon fiber body with diherdral doors that make it really stand out.

It also has quad exhausts, with two pointing backward and two pointing up towards the sky.

This placement gives the car an incredible and unique frequency of sound from the engine.

Speaking of which, the McLaren Elva is powered by a 4.0-liter 804hp twin-turbocharged V8 driving a paddle-shifted automatic transmission.

It also employs McLaren’s typically advanced Proactive Chassis Control II, double-wishbone adaptive-damper suspension, and sintered carbon ceramic ABS braking system.

That’s in addition to electro-hydraulic steering, auto-drag reduction and launch, traction and stability controls, which are integrated into its space-age handling suite.

McLaren hasn’t forgotten driver luxuries either, with form-fitting carbon fiber seats and Ultrafabric materials fitted throughout the cabin.

McLaren Elva price

Listed on Mecum Auctions, the car is expected to sell for between $1.7 million and $2 million.

But for that money you also get a fitted car cover, Elva welcome plaque, two Bell helmets, leather helmet and duffel bags, luxury sunglasses, and a laminated window sticker.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time this particular McLaren Elva has been auctioned off.

The car was previously listed through the same auction house and was expected to sell for between $2.6 million and $2.75 million.



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