Top 5 most expensive cars to maintain

We all know supercars are expensive to buy, but the hidden costs of maintaining them might come as a shock.

by | Published on 3rd Oct 2022

Buying a supercar is expensive, everyone knows that. 

But the hidden costs of maintaining one might come as a shock.

The cost of replacing the windshield on a Bugatti Chiron, for example, will set you back $60,000 and the insurance will cost you $3,500 a month. 

So, from insurance to service and repair costs, these are the top five most expensive new supercars to maintain. 

5. Ferrari LaFerrari 

The insurance on a LaFerrari will set you back about $2,000 a month or $24,000 a year. 

It will cost $500 to replace each front tire and $900 to replace each back tire. 

And to replace the brakes, you’ll be looking at $40,000. 

But you won’t have to worry about any of that unless you’re one of the very few people lucky enough to own a LaFerrari.

Having enough money isn’t enough: you need to own a minimum of five Ferraris before you can even apply to buy a new LaFerrari.

4. Pagani Codalunga 

The Pagani Codalunga costs an eye-watering $7.4 million for the car alone, so it should come as no surprise it’s landed itself on the list of most expensive cars to maintain.

Every single bolt on the new Codalunga costs $80, and there are 1,400 bolts on the car. 

That means the bolts alone are worth $112,000 on this car. 

You could buy a pre-owned Ferrari for that kind of money. 

Speaking of Pagani, the Huayra Roadster comes with a $250,000 paint job and the Captain America themed Huayra was given $50,000 rims. 

Because each Pagani is so incredibly rare, it means everything is that much more expensive to fix or replace. 

Only five units will ever be made, so that should give you some indication of rarity. 

Last but not least, Pagani charges $8,000 for an annual check-up and oil change. 

3. Koenigsegg CC850 

Koenigseggs are notoriously expensive to run, chiefly because they’re so rare.

The Koenigsegg CC850 is limited to just 50 units, the Jesko is limited to 125 units, the CCXR Trevita is limited to two and the One is limited to, of course, one. 

The Jesko, for example, comes with an optional naked carbon fiber body which costs an additional $440,000.

That’s more expensive than a brand-new Rolls Royce. 

The carbon wheels with Michelin Cup 2R tires will set you back $110,000 and they have to be replaced every couple of years. 

The annual service for a Koenigsegg will also set you back between $8,000 and $10,000.

2. Bugatti Chiron / Veyron 

Owning a Bugatti Veyron will cost you $25,000 for the oil and fluid change alone.

And you have to do that once a year. 

This is because the Veyron has 16 different drain plugs compared to just one in a ‘normal’ car. 

And not only that, Bugatti will need to fly out a technician to do it. 

Meanwhile, it will cost $60,000 to replace the windshield on the Chiron and $118,000 to replace the brakes. 

On top of that, it will cost $26,000 to replace the turbochargers. 

Insurance alone for the Chiron will set you back around $42,000 each year.

1. Mercedes AMG Project One

The Mercedes AMG Project One is a masterpiece.

It’s a road legal car with an F1 engine under the hood that produces more than 1,000 hp from its hybrid powertrain, so it’s no wonder it tops the list of most expensive cars to maintain.

In addition to regular servicing, the Mercedes AMG Project One requires an additional service every 5,000 miles to check critical components of the driveline.

Check-ups on this $2.7 million supercar can cost up to $850,00.

So the cost of maintaining this supercar would very quickly exceed the cost of buying it.



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