Inside the most expensive hotel room in the world

This suite has some of the most outlandish (and expensive) art installations in the world - including a $6 million shark tank.

by | Published on 29th May 2023

This is the most expensive hotel room in the world and it comes with a personal butler who’s at your service 24 hours a day.

It’s called the Empathy Suite and it takes up the top two levels of the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas. 

The suite costs a cool $75,000 a night, but it has a minimum two-night stay, meaning you have to fork out $150,000 if you want to call it home.

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The penthouse was designed by artist Damien Hirst and his artwork lines the walls of the suite.

In fact, the artwork in the penthouse alone has been valued between $36 – $39 million. 

When you step foot inside the apartment, the first thing you see is a huge medicine cabinet. 

But if you need a painkiller, you can’t take it from here because this medicine cabinet is not functional, it’s one of Hirst’s art pieces and it’s valued at $1 million.

When you continue into the games room, which has a pool table and foosball table, you’ll see a multi-million-dollar wall of Swarovski stones. 

But there’s a catch. 

This wall has one diamond hidden amongst the rest, and if you guess which is the diamond, you get to keep it. 

The crazy artwork doesn’t end there either. 

The games room also has two real bull sharks suspended in formaldehyde. This piece alone is valued at $5 – $6 million.

The bar is undoubtedly the heart of the suite. 

It can seat 13 people and is itself a piece of art. 

The bar table was designed by Hirst with plastic gloves, syringes, empty pill boxes, and other medical waste. 

It’s not exactly conventional, but it’s certainly a conversation starter.

From the bar, you have sliding glass doors that open out onto the pool deck. 

Here, you have your own private balcony with a massive private pool. 

The pool cantilevers over the edge, so you’re suspended in the air, looking down over the strip.

Meanwhile, the bedrooms are found on the top floor of the suite and they’re absolutely ginormous. 

Both have their own private ensuite with views over the strip and both also come with a private massage room. 

Speaking of insane luxuries, this penthouse comes with a ‘salt room’, and if you’re not entirely sure what that is, you’re not alone. 

The salt room is covered floor to ceiling in Himalayan salt. 

Apparently, the salt helps to cleanse toxins from your body, so what better place for it than Vegas?

You can watch Enes Yilmazer‘s full tour of the room here:

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