This ‘NASA’ bike is designed to be used on Mars

A weird yellow ball under the saddle and a Mylar bag for the engine: but the best part about this NASA bike is it isn't just a render, it actually exists.

by | Published on 1st Mar 2023

This incredible NASA bike is a two-wheeled version of the original Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV), the rover that was used on the Moon.

But this takes it one step further because it wasn’t designed for the Moon: it was designed for Mars.

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The motorcycle is built around a tubular frame made of steel, which also incorporates a shiny bag that, believe it or not, is also considered the body of the bike.

Inside the bag, you’ll find the motorcycle battery and the electric motor.

Power, by the way, is sent to both wheels, effectively making this an all-wheel drive vehicle.

The bag itself is pretty special as it’s made from Mylar, a patented material made of several layers of laminated plastic.

It basically insulates the content from weather agents and it’s great at keeping oxygen in (or out) if necessary.

This is obviously crucial in space.

The saddle is located above the weird-looking yellow ball and the controls are set in the handlebar, which also includes an iPhone-style screen.

And did we mention the 3D printed tires?

Elon Musk has been saying he wants to take us to Mars for years.

If and when he succeeds, this is what we’re going to be driving – apparently.

Apologies, we mean ‘riding’.

The bike was designed by Andrew Fabishevskiy but it is more than just a render.

It actually exists in real life and our very own Sergi Galiano had the chance to see it ‘in the metal’ along with other cool bikes.

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Stay tuned because we’re going to talk about other bikes in this video in the coming days.



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