Nissan’s new influencer concept car would be a Kardashian’s dream

It features an origami-inspired exterior and AI that changes the music according to your mood.

Published on Oct 19, 2023 at 7:54PM (UTC+4)

Last updated on Oct 30, 2023 at 6:55PM (UTC+4)

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Nissan's new influencer concept car would be a Kardashian's dream

Nissan has leaked images of its latest concept car, and it might be its most creative one yet.

In the lead-up to the Tokyo Motor Show, we’ve seen a number of concepts released by the Japanese manufacturer.

So far Nissan has shared four models online, which will make their physical debut at the show.

Some have been designed for off-road adventures and others allow passengers to sit facing each other.

But the Hyper Punk is designed with a very particular customer in mind: the influencer.

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Nissan‘s other new concept car, the Hyper Adventure, is created for outdoor lovers, with the ability to recharge jetskis and take on snowy terrains.

The Hyper Urban looks incredibly futuristic and even has color-changing paint.

Then there’s the Hyper Tourer, the interior of which looks like a private jet.

The last in Nissan’s series is the Hyper Punk.

This car is a ‘mobile creative studio’.

It has the ability to link to the internet and all kinds of digital equipment, making it perfect for content creators, influencers and artists.

The Hyper Punk pays tribute to Manga, with a polygonal exterior and bright, bold colors used throughout.

Inspired by origami, the outside features angular lines and a holographic hue.

Its headlights shine with a series of triangles arranged to look like graphic roses.

The chunky 23-inch wheels feature LED strips in a triangular shape that turn into stars when they spin.

The Hyper Punk carries a V2X system, ideal for charging all those devices influencers are known to carry.

Its cockpit features a three-screen display which shows more than just your GPS.

The car’s cameras take in its surroundings and use AI to convert them into Manga-style graphics, which are then projected onto these screens.

Sounds both really cool and really distracting.

The car also uses AI to cater to the driver’s moods.

Because everyone knows artists are extra sensitive.

Headrest biosensors read the driver’s mood and change the lighting and music accordingly.

This car remains a concept for the time being but will become the ultimate content if it’s ever released.

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