This is why everyone’s obsessed with the new ‘Nothing Phone’

Demand for the phone is already crazy.

by | Published on 19th Dec 2022

Tech geeks are obsessed with a new Android smartphone called the Nothing phone.

Nothing Inc., the company that makes it, has finally confirmed the phone is now available in the US.

And demand is already crazy.

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The new Nothing Phone 1 will initially be available in the US in Beta.

It runs on Nothing OS 1.5, which is an Android-based software customized and developed by the manufacturer.


Among other things, the phone supports Android 13 features, including most of the apps and a redesigned user interface.

It also has a self-repair software that automatically fixes bugs, improving loading times when compared to other Android devices.

Users and geeks are taking to Twitter to share their first impressions.

Alyan Malik said: “Maybe I should get a Nothing Phone 1. It’s cheap, has clean Android and fun gimmicks”.

Kiran Vaid took a picture of his car with the Nothing Phone 1, saying “shot in a busy traffic lane, that’s what Nothing can do. I love having Nothing”.

So what exactly is it?

The first thing worth noting is that Nothing Inc. was founded in 2020 by Carl Pei, who co-founded another hype-friendly smartphone manufacturer, One Plus, in 2013.

The smartphone will be manufactured by Qualcomm, the multinational corporation that makes the iconic Snapdragon chip that has been used, in one form or another, by Asus, HP, Lenovo among others.

As for the OS, it’s based on Android but heavily revized and customized by Nothing, so we can reasonably expect cool crypto- and gaming-friendly features.

Nothing Phone price

The Nothing Phone costs £399 (=$487) in the UK and €469 (=$498) in the EU.

Pricing for the US version hasn’t been announced yet but you can expect it to be somewhere in the region of $500.

This would make the Nothing Phone significantly cheaper than both the iPhone 14 ($799) and the Samsung Galaxy S22 ($614).

Obviously, both Samsung and Apple are certainly staple names in the industry.

By contrast, Nothing relied on innovation, design and a good dose of hype to market its first-ever smartphone.

The first 100 devices were actually offered at auction back in the summer and they sold out.

Not only that, people were willing to pay over sticker to get their hands on the Nothing Phone.



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