Introducing Plectrum, a 15,000hp superyacht for the filthy rich

Faster than most speedboats and with enough space on board to park your supercar, the 243-foot Plectrum yacht is the latest crazy design by Lazzarini Studio.

by | Published on 27th Jan 2023

This is Plectrum, a superyacht designed by Lazzarini Studio capable of producing a whopping 15,000 horsepower.

The Plectrum yacht is technically a hydrofoil, which means it can lift itself from the water as its speed increases.

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And there is plenty of speed to play with, because this massive 243-foot yacht is designed to run on three motors for a combined power output of 15,000 hp.

According to Lazzarini Studio, it can reach a top speed of 75 knots – or 140 km/h.


That means this massive yacht is theoretically faster than a Brabus speedboat.

Plectrum yacht design

The Italian design studio says inspiration for the Plectrum came from the USS Plainview, an American-made hydrofoil launched in 1965.

The hull is crafted from a combination of carbon fiber and other composite materials, and finished in an ultra-shiny shade of orange.

And as you’d expect, the Plectrum yacht has a helipad, a beach club with a swimming pool, and a garage large enough for two tenders.

Oh yeah, and there’s also another garage for the owner’s supercars and water toys.

Might we suggest a McLaren 720s finished in matching orange paint?


Even though this is technically just a prototype, Lazzarini said it can be built on request for a cool $87 million.

Lazzarini Design Studio is a staple name in the industry.

It has sketched outstanding yacht concepts, including a 450-foot swan-shaped yacht and an $8 billion turtle-shaped ‘floating city’ that Saudi Arabia wants to build.

Unlike other concepts that only exist on paper, Lazzarini confirmed this production of the orange megayacht could potentially start tomorrow.

‘All’ they need, apparently, is $87 million.



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