This is the meanest-looking Porsche 911 in the world

Designed by AO Racing, this Porsche 911 GT-Rawr is inspired by the T-Rex and yet it also looks like a shark, doesn't it? Either way, we want one.

by | Published on 29th Mar 2023

We are absolutely in love with this shark-faced Porsche 911.

It’s a track-only Porsche 911 so our first question would be: can we get a street legal version as well, please?

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Based on the 911 GT3 R and simply called the ‘GT-Rawr’, this Porsche was modified by AO Racing for the 2023 IMSA and World Endurance Championship (WEC) season.

The mean-looking ‘mouth’ with pronounced teeth at the front makes us think of a shark but AO Racing says this is actually inspired by the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The exterior of the Porsche 911 GT-Rawr was heavily modified beyond the shark / T-Rex teeth.

At the front, in addition to the aforementioned shark face and the inevitable racing stickers, you also have a massive carbon fiber diffuser and a modified ‘frunk’ – ie, front trunk.

In order to make it look even more ‘alive’, AO Racing gave the car some blue and black eyes, located on the frunk, and some wrinkles around the headlamps.

So basically what they’re saying is this 911 has two sets of eyes.

On the side, the T-Rex analogy mentioned by AO Racing makes a lot more sense because T-Rex arms and feet are painted on the door and fender respectively.

Then at the back, you’ll find another carbon diffuser, this one’s even bigger than the one at the front, and a ginormous wing.

Everything is painted green, including the alloy wheels.

It looks tremendous, the sort of thing you expect from the Fast and Furious franchise or Pimp my Ride… but better.

So is it a T-Rex or a shark?

We’ve made a decision: we like to think it’s both.



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