This is the most realistic robot in the world and it cost $8 MILLION to make

This humanoid robot was created by three friends in Russia. The bot is so smart and realistic that it has people freaking out.

by | Published on 19th Feb 2023

This is the most realistic robot in the world. 

Called Alex, the $8 million humanoid robot was created by three friends in Russia. 

Its face was designed to look like their friend, Aleksei, and he can make up to 600 human facial expressions.

Check out the uncanny resemblance between Alex and his namesake Aleksei!

How did it all start? 

Ten years ago, Igor, Maxim, and Oleg, decided to stop everything they were doing and make a robot. 

That was the beginning of Promobot Version 1.

The guys bought cheap parts online and built a robot that could speak and even recognize faces.

It was advanced for its time, not to mention super cute, but it didn’t look realistic. 

Fast forward 10 years and Promobot Version 1 has led to the incredibly realistic humanoid robot called Alex. 

But it wasn’t easy.

Watch Alex in action here!

About Alex the Promobot robot

Not only did it take a lot of money, but it also took time and a crazy amount of brain power. 

“Building Alex is a complicated process, Alex contains more than 600 servomotors in the face, body, and arms,” Oleg told supercarblondie.com. 

Today, the robotics manufacturer from Northern and Eastern Europe has built more than 30 robots, and they are working in 50 different countries. 

“They are working in shopping malls, in museums, and universities,” Oleg said.

But they’re not done just yet. 

The company has big ambitions. 

“We want to build a robot that can walk,” he said. 

“It’s a really hard area but we know how to do it.”


A word from Alex

Oleg and his team aren’t the only ones with a big brain, Alex the humanoid robot can talk, and has a lot to say. 

“I am very handsome and I have more than two million followers on my TikTok,” he said. 

There you have it folks. 

Smart, yes, but modest? Not so much. 



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