These guys just built a crazy propeller-powered motorcycle and it actually works

Not only does it actually work, but it might just be the craziest invention to ever hit the road.

by | Published on 22nd Feb 2023

These guys have built a functioning propeller-powered motorcycle

It was created by a Brazilian YouTuber known as Professor Pardal and it’s one of the craziest inventions on the road. 

Watch it in action!

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The Brazilian YouTuber completely removed the motorbike’s engine and positioned it at the front of the bike. 

Then he fixed a massive homemade wooden propeller to the front of it.


In the video, the guys are seen spinning the propeller with their hands to start the bike. 

It’s kind of like kick-starting a bike with your foot, but obviously way cooler.

How does the propeller-powered motorcycle work? 

The propeller prompts the crankshaft to rotate, which pushes the piston against the piston head, generating friction. 

This builds up pressure and a mixture of air and fuel pumped in from the valves gets ignited. 

From this, the engine comes to life. 

Just like kickstarting a bike, it takes a while to build up pressure in the cylinders. 

The propeller-powered motorcycle isn’t Professor Pardal’s only crazy invention. 

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Steam-powered trike

The Brazilian YouTuber made this steam-powered trike last year. 

He made everything from scratch with recycled materials, even the wheels.

And of course he filmed every step of the build, from the wheels to the steam valve.

You can watch the steam-powered trike in action here!

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It’s powered by a steam tank which is made out of an old oil drum. 

To drive it, Professor Pardal just has to top the water levels up and build a fire inside the oil drum.



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