Purists look away: an electric Lancia Stratos is coming

They call it the Lancia Pu+Ra HPE but the message is clear: this gorgeous prototype heralds the arrival of the future electric Lancia Stratos.

by | Published on 17th Apr 2023

Purists and hardcore Lancia enthusiasts should probably read this while sitting down because Lancia wants to electrify the Stratos.

The Stratos is an icon, definitely the most sought-after Lancia ever made along with the Delta Integrale.

The wedge-shaped sports car is preparing for a big comeback, but it’ll be electric.

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The concept car that previews the upcoming electric Stratos is called the Pu+Ra HPE.

The weird name has a triple meaning: Pu stands for pure, Ra stands for radical, and HPE stands for High-Performance Estate.

They call it an estate, as in a station wagon, but it’s actually a two-door shooting brake.

The prototype is finished in a blue-ish shade of aqua green that Lancia calls ‘Progressive Green’ and the company really went the extra mile to make it look unique.

At the front, the otherwise clean design is disrupted by a unique t-shaped LED light that connects the hood to the diffuser, cutting vertically across the part of the body where the front grille should be.

But, this being an EV, it doesn’t actually have a grille.

Up top, the concept features an interesting circular glass roof that we don’t remember seeing anywhere else.

And the car has no pillars, which means you can open the windows and the roof and it’ll almost look like a speedster-style convertible.

Mind you, the rear section is where it’s at.

It takes you back in time because, from the oval taillights to the spoiler, it looks 100 percent like a Stratos.

Even the rear window design is a nod to ‘hood ribs’ on the original rear-engined Stratos.

Inside the cabin, you’ll find two seats at the front and a bench-like seat at the back.

The front seats look like armchairs and are upholstered in yellow suede.

Meanwhile, the rear bench is covered in green suede, matching the color of the exterior.

Both front and rear occupants have access to what looks like 5-star hotel lounge-style coffee tables.

Speaking of tables, the infotainment screen is laid out right in front of the driver, almost like a desk, and it rotates.

Lancia is keeping details under wraps when it comes to performance figures and power of the electric Lancia Stratos.

The only thing we know for sure is they say the Pu+Ra HPE can do 700 km (434 miles) on a charge.

Mind you, if there’s one thing that EVs are famously very good at it’s torque, so we’re certainly expecting some pretty mind-blowing acceleration figures.

Lancia plans to rebrand as an EV-only automaker from 2026, and the goal is to revive both the Stratos and the Delta by 2028.

Fingers crossed.



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