Rimac Nevera smashes 23 performance world records in a single day

As if the two world records already under its belt weren't enough, the Rimac Nevera has gone and smashed 23 in one day - a record in itself.

by | Published on 18th May 2023

Okay, we already knew the Rimac Nevera was fast.

We previously reported about it becoming the world’s fastest production car, as well as setting a new top speed record for EVs.

But the hypercar has gone and smashed more records – 23 performance world records to be precise.

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The fact that the Rimac Nevera broke 23 records in a single day is a record in itself.

But to be more specific, the records were broken at Germany’s Automotive Testing Papenburg (ATP) facility using its 4-kilometer (2.49-mile) straights.

Each of the 23 records were independently verified by third-party companies Dewesoft and RaceLogic, both with teams on site to ensure all equipment was in perfect working order.

Perhaps the biggest record set by the Rimac Nevera was its 0-400km/h (249 mph) acceleration time, which was completed in just 21.31 seconds.

Other records set on the day include the quarter-mile (8.25 seconds), standing mile (20.59 seconds), and 100-0km/h stopping distance (28.96 meters).

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the Rimac Nevera even outperformed its official 0-60 mph acceleration time of 1.85 seconds, clocking in at 1.74 seconds.

It’s little wonder the electric hypercar costs so much – $2.4 million to be precise – but those 150 customers lucky enough to get their hands on one are getting a lot for their money.

The Nevera’s power comes from four synchronous electric motors – one at each wheel – with a combined power output of 1,914hp.

Thanks to the 120 kWh, 6,960-cell battery pack, you can drive it up to 340 miles on a single charge, too.

Rimac Automobili

One thing’s for certain, the Rimac Nevera has clearly set a new standard for the supercar/hypercar market.

Best of all, the company’s done it with their own technology, building their own hardware and software, which means everyone else’s already playing catch-up.

Can the Croatian hypercar maker smash even more records? Let’s wait and see…



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