Samsung supersizes its foldable smartphone for CES 2024

  • Samsung is unveiling a whole new array of foldable displays
  • The main mission is to make foldable phones slimmer
  • One of these displays can be folded up to 5 times

Published on Jan 08, 2024 at 3:46 AM (UTC+4)
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Samsung supersizes its foldable smartphone for CES 2024

Samsung popularized foldable phones and now the South Korean brand wants to supersize them.

The new foldable Samsung unveiled at CES 2024 in Las Vegas is massive.

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Despite Samsung Mobile’s boss James Kitto’s prediction, Apple hasn’t launched a foldable phone (for now.)

As a result, foldable smartphones are still a niche category that’s largely dominated by the South Korean company.

The tech giant actually has two lines, the Z Flip and the Z Fold.

The Galaxy Z Flip comes in with a square design and opens vertically.

Meanwhile the Z Fold comes in with a traditional rectangular candybar design, and it becomes a larger square when it opens horizontally.

For CES 2024, Samsung is trying to address two key issues.

First, people want larger displays.

The goal is to make sure the display, once you unfold the phone, can be large as possible.

But, at the same time, the smartphone should be more or less ‘normal-sized’ when folded.

This is tricky to achieve, and it brings us on to the second issue, thickness.

The current-gen Galaxy Z Fold is just as thick as any other phone, bang on average at 6.73 mm, when folded open.

However, it’s a bit too thick (13.44 mm) when folded closed.

The main goal is to make these displays slimmer.

The company is expected to also launch a product (rumored to be called Rollable Flex) that can expand by up to 5x its original size when folded open.

In addition to that, it will also unveil an 11-inch foldable that extends as a 4:3 display or 10:9 display.

Depending on how you choose to unfold it, it will extend to 17.3 inches or 13.8 inches respectively.

More details are expected in the coming days at CES 2024, and then during Samsung’s annual unveil event, which traditionally takes place in January, nine months before Apple’s event.

This year’s event, dubbed ‘Unpacked‘, is scheduled for January 2017.

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