Watch this robot shape-shift to escape from a jail cell

Crazy footage shows the shape-shifting robot melt down into liquid form and escape from a jail cell before transforming back into a solid robot again.

by | Published on 22nd Feb 2023

Scientists have created a shape-shifting robot

Crazy footage shows the robot melting down into liquid form and escaping from a jail cell before transforming back into a solid robot again.

It’s hard to believe until you watch the footage, and even then it’s pretty hard to wrap your head around.

You can watch it in action here!

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Who made the shape-shifting robot?

The robot was created by scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in the United States and Sun Yat-sen University in China. 


What’s its purpose? 

The melting robot was created as the first step toward solving medical problems. 

Scientists hope the material will be used to help remove foreign objects from the body and drug delivery among other things.

What is it made out of? 

It’s made out of magnetic particles and gallium. 

“We introduced this combination of gallium, which is this metal that has a very low melting point, and we embedded within that gallium these magnetic microparticles,” scientist Carmel Majidi said. 

It doesn’t take much for the gallium to melt, in fact it can start melting at room temperature. 

How does it work? 

Put simply, the material reacts to magnetic fields. 

Mr Majidi said that when an alternating magnetic field was run through the metal, it could melt, move and reform. 

“When we apply an alternating magnetic field, what that does is actually induces electrical current within that metal, and that current causes the metal to heat up, to melt, and then the substance becomes fluid-like,” he told the BBC


Even though it basically looks like a little LEGO character, the robot’s shape-shifting abilities closely resemble the scary ‘liquid’ Terminator T-1000 from Terminator 2.

Mind you, scientists said their inspiration actually came from sea cucumbers because they too have the ability to change their shape and stiffness.



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