Slovak government perform wild stunts with official Airbus A319 aircraft

  • The Slovak Government owns a variety of aircraft, including a rare Dutch plane
  • They also own an Airbus A319
  • These airplanes are often used for flight demonstrations

Published on Jul 01, 2024 at 8:19 PM (UTC+4)
by Alessandro Renesis

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Slovak pilots performed some pretty spectacular stunts using aircraft that aren’t necessarily designed for that sort of thing, like the Airbus A319.

At the Slovak International Air Fest, the exhibition also involved a Fokker 100 aircraft.

Doing stunts with an Airbus A319 is a bit like trying to drift with a minivan, but clearly the pilot knew what he was doing.

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Aircraft doing stunts in the air is something that always looks interesting.

The fact that the pilots used conventional aircraft rather than fighter jets made even more spectacular to behold.

The Airbus A319 is a jack of all trades

The Airbus A319 is an interesting choice for this sort of thing, but it isn’t a strange choice per se.

Just about every government in the world has access to one, either as a private plane for government officials or as an aircraft that belongs to the fleet of the country’s flag carrier.

The fact that it can be used for flight demonstrations is further proof of just how good this plane is, a jack of all trades.

But things are a bit different when it comes to the other plane.

The Fokker 100 (below) was made by a Dutch manufacturer most people have probably never heard of, Fokker.

Fokker built over 280 aircraft, 120+ of which are still in operation today.

Among others, Alliance Airlines and QantasLink, a sub-division of Qantas, all use Fokker 100s.

The French government has one, while the Slovak government owns two, and this is one of them.

Flight demonstration squadrons and stunts

Nearly every country in the world has flight demonstration squadrons and performs stunts of this sort.

It’s all about ‘marketing’, so to speak, all about an image, but the image is an important component of relations between states.

The U.S. has (among others) the Blue Angels (above), known for their death-defying maneuvers.

Mind you, sometimes, the U.S. uses stealth planes as well.

Like that one time a B-2 flew over a stadium.

Imagine that.

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