‘Modern-day time machine’: De Tomaso shakes up the industry with its brand new P72 hypercar

by | Sep 19, 2022 - 6:14PM | Supercars

This is the brand new De Tomaso P72 and it might just be the most beautiful hypercar in the world. 

The P72 is an homage to the brand’s P70 Sports racer from the ‘60s and it’s a work of art that is set to shake up the supercar industry. 

De Tomaso’s Norman Choi has described the hypercar as “a modern-day time machine” which is “a glimpse into our future whilst also an ode to the past”. 

Supercar Blondie’s Sergi Galiano got an exclusive first look at the prototype when it made an appearance at Monterey Car Week in LA – check it out below! 

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The P72 commemorates the 60th anniversary of De Tomaso. 

And as the name suggests, there will only ever be 72 examples ever produced. 


The P72 takes its inspiration from racing cars of the early 60s. 

It boasts bold lines with powerful wheel arches, a low nose, and a teardrop glasshouse structure. 

Company designers wanted to combine a distinctive aerodynamic body with modern aesthetics. 

And they pulled it off seamlessly. 


What De Tomaso didn’t make using carbon fiber, it made using rose gold. 

Even the washer fluid cap is made out of rose gold. 

In fact, the washer fluid cap takes center stage on this hypercar. 

The cap is positioned right in the center of the hood and was designed to pay tribute to the original 1964 P70. 

The unique design features don’t end there. 

The rear of the car is defined by its circular taillights, huge vents, and massive exhaust pipe which is set right in the center of the car. 

From the back, you can actually see right through into the 5-liter supercharged V8 engine. 

The back canopy can also be opened to get a closer look at the engine – which you’ll notice is also covered in carbon fiber and rose gold. 

Not only is it beautiful, but it’s incredibly strong. 

The P72 is built with a state-of-the-art carbon chassis meaning it can withstand whatever force it encounters on the road.


Designers say they took a minimalist design approach with the interior. 

But we might have to disagree. 

While the tech may be stripped back with analogue dials and controls, the P72 has one of the most epic interiors of any hypercar in the world. 

First off, the doors open with a secret electronic button.

And once you’re inside, everything is covered in fine Italian quilted leather, along with yet more carbon fiber and rose gold. 

In fact, the interior is basically dripping in rose gold. 

Everything from the steering wheel to the paddle shifters and peddles are covered in it. 

And for the lucky 72 people who get to own this car, everything can be made bespoke. 

Even the gear shifter will be fitted to the hand of the owner.

De Tomaso P72 price 

De Tomaso is yet to reveal full technical specs or prices, but the base price will start at $1.25 million. 

And if you have that kind of money lying around, lucky you, because De Tomaso is accepting registrations of interest. 


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