Meta's chief AI scientist predicts smartphones will be obsolete within 10-15 years
New research finds AI is already skilled at deceiving humans
US Marines testing a robot dog armed with AI-enabled rifles
AI-controlled F-16 fighter jet completes test flight with US Air Force Secretary onboard


Singer FKA Twigs developed deepfake AI of herself to interact with fans
It will interact with fans on social media.
Qatar Airways debuts world's first human-like AI flight attendant
Say hello to Sama 2.0!
AI-powered 'Poetry Camera' transforms photos into poems in world first
The lines between tech and artistic flair are blurring.
Robots roam freely at this 28-story robot-friendly building
These robots deserve a good salary!
Researchers create humanoid robot so advanced it can predict when you are going to smile
Non-verbal communication is what robots are lacking.
Bugatti SUV design has the internet dreaming and saying 'game over'
We just wish it was real
Humanoid holds the world record for speed and is mightily impressive
This is just the beginning!
Humanoid robot can pilot plane in cockpit designed for humans
Watching this robot piloting a plane seems unbelievable, but that's reality...
This Nvidia AI superchip will be 'the world's most powerful'
Another step towards making AI smarter.
Apple in talks with Google to power iPhone with 'Gemini AI' engine
AI is coming, whether you like it or not.
OpenAI and Figure share creepy video showcasing humanoid robot speaking like a person
Are we watching the birth of Skynet?
Apple claims new generative AI will be revolutionary
Apple's generative AI will 'break new ground' according to CEO Tim Cook.
OpenAI is joining Microsoft, Nvidia, and Jeff Bezos to develop human-like robots to rival Tesla's Optimus
OpenAI, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Jeff Bezos are all reportedly funding Figure's...
Elon Musk posts unbelievable video of Tesla humanoid meticulously folding clothes
It's quite amazing to watch.
AI humanoid learned how to make coffee just by watching humans do it
It took it a long time to learn, though.
Researchers build an AI robot that can replicate and alter itself
AI is giving birth to AI.
Company appoints world's first ever AI-powered robot CEO
She thinks she's better at her job than Musk and Zuckerberg.
Student uses AI to decipher 'unreadable' ancient Roman scroll for first time ever
The undergraduate student just made history after using AI to read a word...
16-year-old AI founder has startup valued at 8 figures and is skipping college
Since debuting a beta version of her AI software in 2021, the 16-year-old...
Man causes AI characters to worry after explaining to them they're not real
Their responses are scarily human-like.
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