Australian millionaire spent $123,000 on most expensive flight ticket ever
Boom Overture's Superfactory set for completion this year
Inside the first ever private jet shows things have come a long way
Final resting place for commercial aircraft found in dusty California desert


Witness the Boeing 747 making the lowest landing in incredible footage
Boeing 747 is truly special
How often did the Concorde need maintenance and how much did it cost?
Concorde had some incredible running costs
Why there hasn't been any commercial supersonic planes since Concorde
Concorde hasn't been around for a while - so what's next?
Airbus unveils new speedy aircraft that's half plane, half helicopter
Heli-plane, or aero-copter?
Man converting Elvis Presley's jet into an RV finally drives it for the first time
Their hard work paid off!
Monarch A320 crosswind takeoff is the pulsating video you won't be able to take your eyes off
Scary and funny at the same time!
F/A-18 Super Hornet captured breaking sound barrier in legendary rare footage
This jet is something!
Footage of America's most covert aircraft the F-117 Nighthawk will leave you amazed
One of a kind
Single person's 20,716 complaints account for nearly half of Australia's aircraft noise reports
To be fair, they have good reason to complain
Lilium set to unveil full-scale version of its 6-passenger eVTOL jet
It'll be the first time a full-scale model of the Lilium Jet has been publicly...
Newest US Marines helicopter conducts air-to-air refueling while transporting F-35
The ultimate expression of brute force
Pilot films what Dubai storms look like from 41,000 feet in the sky
A bird's-eye view of the storms over Dubai
Then and now: the oldest and newest Emirates aircraft
Fly better with Emirates!
YouTuber attempts to make 1920s Harley-Davidson powered airplane fly
Will it fly?
Inside the groundbreaking Celera 500L aircraft surpassing SUVs in efficiency
A long flight on one tank
There's approximately $12billion worth of equipment in picture of B-2 Spirit Bomber elephant walk
More than the annual defense budgets of over 170 countries – in one single...
Exhilarating footage captures low-flying United Airlines 747 over San Francisco
The Boeing 747 swooped over San Francisco
First-ever view inside cockpit of world's most secretive aircraft the B-2 Stealth Bomber
They don't call it the 'Stealth Bomber' for nothing
The evolution of private jet design and interiors - from practical to practically a palace
Private jets have seen a long way!
No one can believe SR-71 Blackbird's tiny cockpit given its supersonic speed
It's a cramped POV
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