Residents of this town in California park airplanes in front of their houses instead of cars
Content creator passes out after traveling at 300mph in a fighter jet
Exhilarating footage of two C-17s doing some extremely low level flying
The Vision Jet can fly to an airport and land all by itself


Lockheed Skunk Works unveils first images of its next-generation aerial tanker
It's a futuristic stealth tanker aircraft
B-2 captured flying over 96,000 fans in stadium in wild clip
Imagine being at a stadium and seeing that over your head
Inside Lockheed Martin's top secret fighter jet development factory where few are allowed in
From circus tent to megafactory
Revolutionary hypersonic passenger jet 'Halcyon' will go five times over speed of sound
Traveling at Mach 5 would significantly reduce trans-oceanic flight times
Five new jets ordered by US for upgraded 'Doomsday plane' fleet
Those are some expensive renovations
Hypersonic Magnetar would ferry people halfway across the globe in mere minutes
That's five times the speed of sound
China designing new widebody C939 jet to rival Airbus and Boeing
It's shaking up the long-haul market
Airbus to fly A380 with hydrogen by 2026 after new engine successfully tested
Sustainable flights are almost here
The largest private jet in the world is sat in an aircraft graveyard in Arizona
Imagine turning a 467-passenger airliner into a private jet
The Harrier seen making the B7 turn in awesome footage
Spotted just before this iconic aircraft goes into retirement
Revolutionary new X-Plane achieves mach speeds with innovative wing design
It's not like any aircraft you've seen before
Video revealing true scale of Boeing landing gear will astonish you
It looks impressive
C-130 Hercules releases its flares to make smoke angel in incredible footage
They not only look good, they do an important job too
Breathtaking A350-9 cockpit view is like something from a spaceship
Flying through the clouds
Stunning video captures MiG-17 conducting flyby over Florida Gulf Coast
This wasn't a regular day at the beach
Extremely rare ultraexclusive look inside the cockpit of the F-22 Raptor
This is the first time the Air Force has released footage like this
Boeing 747 taking off with incredible power from Sint Maarten with spectators close by
People left perplexed at why flying against the Earth's rotation doesn't speed up flights
The science isn't science-ing
Revolutionary passenger-carrying drone flights held in Abu Dhabi
The ability to fly away from traffic is getting closer
C-130J Super Hercules makes historic first flight with external fuel tanks under its wings
It's the first in America Air Mobility Command history to fly with external...
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