$6.8m of James Bond memorabilia sells at auction including the Aston Martin DB5
Princess Diana's Ford Escort sells for almost $1m at auction
This coffin has been transformed into a four-wheeled V8 Dragula replica
These are the 6 craziest things ever sold at auction


Is the bubble bursting? Stunning Lamborghini Aventador Miura Homage fails to sell at auction
None of the 93 bids it attracted was a winning one.
George Clooney's Batsuit from Batman & Robin is up for auction
Remember when George Clooney played Batman? Well, you can now buy the Batsuit...
You can still get a Lamborghini Countach at a 'bargain' price
$680,000 might not look like a bargain now, but it probably will before...
'Best Ferrari ever built' expected to fetch $30 million at auction
This Ferrari 410 is set to break some records.
44 rare supercars are going up for auction this weekend
The online auction has Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and even a crazy...
The world's most expensive camera sells for $15 million
The camera was owned by Leica's inventor who made the first 35mm.
Forget Bitcoin, buy an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak! This one just doubled in value to $1.1 million
The auction only lasted 5 minutes and it went for twice the estimate.
Epic 'Wolf of Wall Street' Lamborghini Countach sells for 'bargain' $738,000
A good condition Countach like this would typically be worth $900k.
Ultra-rare $3.9 million Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport is up for auction - and the bidding war is insane
Here's your chance to own just one of 60 Pur Sports ever made.
Sean Connery's James Bond Aston Martin is selling for nearly $2 million
The most famous James Bond car of all time is up for sale.
Would you pay $3 MILLION for this piece of cardboard?
The item is described as 'one of the rarest and most valuable'.
Super-rare $5.36m Ferrari is the most expensive car EVER sold online
There's only 210 of these in the world and to buy one you had to already...
A gold-plated Nintendo Wii given to Queen Elizabeth is for sale and the owner wants $300,000
Who didn't love Wii bowling?
Audemars Piguet watch sells for world-record $2.1 million because of who owned it
They are famously known as the 'Picasso of watches'
Iconic Marilyn Monroe painting sells for unbelievable $195 million
It's the most expensive 20th century artwork to sell at auction.
This tractor sold for the price of a new Lamborghini - but why?
The tractor was initially bought for about $25,000, now it's worth more...
The real-life Jurassic Park velociraptor is expected to sell for $6 million
For anyone who's wanted to live out their dreams of going to Jurassic Park.
We can't stop watching this $4.7m live auction for an ultra-rare Ferrari
There's still a lot of days to go before this auction ends and the price...
Huge and ultra-rare blue diamond sells for $57.5 million
It's the third priciest diamond of any color ever sold at auction.
One collector is selling their insane collection of 128 Patek Philippe watches worth millions
One watch is expected to sell for up to $2 million.
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