Everything we know about the Apple Car and the major reasons it all of a sudden died
New BYD electric sports car will accelerate faster than a Bugatti Chiron
Elon Musk has teased the all new revolutionary design goals for Tesla Roadster
Fiat unveils five new concept cars including Mega Panda and Cybertruck rival

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3 countries now have flying cars, with more hoping to follow
They're no longer science fiction.
A record amount of Tesla's parked together reveals the astonishing Cybertruck production run rate
If the footage is anything to go by, it looks like Tesla has all hands...
Supercars took over Dubai town in a spectacular display of beauty
From sleek Lamborghinis to futuristic McLarens.
Cybertruck now comes in 3 more colors one of which changes the entire look
They add to the two existing Cybertruck color wraps.
Elon Musk has teased the all new revolutionary design goals for Tesla Roadster
It heralds a new era for electric vehicles.
Million dollar car graveyard in German forest is full of rare motors
You can visit and see for yourself.
Man modifies children's toy car to reach 92.24 mph
He's etched his name into the Guinness World Records with his creation.
Hennessey attempting to dethrone Bugatti for title of fastest production car with Venom F5 hypercar
The Texas-based hypercar manufacturer has Bugatti firmly set in its sights.
First look at the new and improved Tesla Model 3 Performance
Seems it's designed for high-intensity driving.
New BRABUS Rocket 1000 is a 4-door beast with enough power to turn your face inside out
Four doors and 1,000 horsepower – what more could you ask for?
The 'double car' is two vehicles fused together for when you can't decide who should drive
Twinning is winning.
Man shares how he turned 'beat-up' Mercedes SL550 into a 'supercar'
The entire project cost under $12,000.
2024 Rezvani BEAST unveiled as 1,000-hp, bulletproof supercar
James Bond may have just found his next car.
Chrysler's futuristic EV concept signals a monumental departure from tradition
It's not what you'd expect to see from Chrysler – but we're all for it.
Real life Hot Wheels is an actual thing with a ridiculous double loop
"I felt like I was in a toy," one driver admitted.
Dubai Police add a ‘Jet Car’ to its already luxurious fleet of vehicles
The Dubai Police jet car can travel at up to 80kph - over water.
Footage of the new Lotus Emeya whipping about in the snow is a sight to behold
It's safe to say, Lotus' engineers had fun during winter testing.
Cybertruck demonstrates real pulling power on pick-up truck in snow
Snow is no match for the Tesla EV with a cult following.
Chinese company Geely launches electric truck to rival Tesla's Cybertruck
The 4WD version can tow up to 3 tons.
These guys crossed a Bugatti Chiron and a Gaz 21 Volga to create a Volgatti
It looks brilliant, doesn't it?
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