Alfa Romeo ditching long-standing iconic tradition with the new Giulia coupe
Top Marques event will launch an unprecedented number of supercar world debuts
Audi celebrates 25th anniversary of RS 4 Avant with new special edition
FSD V12 shown casually sneaking to the front of huge left turn queue


FSD V12 shown casually sneaking to the front of huge left turn queue
Teslas are now experiencing the human emotion of 'impatience'
Rolls-Royce parked in living room of apartment goes viral, true story behind it
Millionaires do interior design differently
Millionaire takes his Bugatti Chiron to outrageous speeds on Germany's Autobahn
Imagine traveling at 400+ km/h on a public road
This tent accessory can protect your Cybertruck from EMP attacks
The Cybertruck becomes more powerful
Pedestrian has to literally give autonomous car 'a hand' in viral clip
Even autonomous vehicles need a hand from humans occasionally
Zacaria SC is a Ferrari-powered Formula 1 car for the road
Literally an F1 car for the road
One-off Bugatti La Voiture Noire spotted near 'budget' supermarket has people scratching their heads
Guess the owner went over budget
2025 Rolls-Royce Cullinan Series II makes public debut at Villa d'Este in Italy
Fans of the first generation may need some time to get used to this
Peel Trident 3-wheeler is proof that luxury doesn't always need to be big
How small is too small
Windowless 'Lo Res Car' is a spaceship-looking vehicle that preceded the Cybertruck
It looks tremendous
Tesla Plaid at 200mph sounds like a jet about to take off
Tesla didn't even expect it to go this fast
The Tesla Cybertruck autopilot feature can drive you to the future
The future is here
The latest V8-powered BMW Art Car will take part in Le Mans
Art meets endurance race car
Man wins brand new supertruck but smoke comes from under the hood during first drive
It's all about your luck
Audi and SAIC's first EV is due in 2025
Looking forward to next year
Hyundai wants to launch its hydrogen-powered supercar in 2026
Hydrogen-powered cars are making a comeback
Incredibly rare V12-powered Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG rescued after 17 years in a parking lot
The car looks as good as new
1992 Acura NSX has an unbelievably satisfying wash, its first in 22 years
It had been in storage for most of its life
Man found Elvis' Cadillac DeVille that still had his modifications on
A station wagon fit for The King
Ford's 2024 F-150's Pro Access tailgate is perhaps over-engineered, but unbelievable
It's making the tailgate more practical than ever
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