Steve Jobs loved Porsche cars so much he even gave them to his employees
Vanilla Ice still has the same car he bought around the time of 'Ice Ice Baby'
George Clooney was the first to own the unusual 'world's safest car'
Elon Musk says he may ban Apple devices after iOS announcement


Priciest car David Beckham's owned was a fully customized Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe
Unfortunately he sold it a while back
Creator of FarmVille is now so rich he's just spent $70 million on a stunning superyacht
A new superyacht is in town
Kylian Mbappe's suite at Real Madrid training ground is better than some 5-star hotel
Talk about luxurious
DJ Khaled shows off his jet and car collection in private hangar, it's simply ridiculous
DJ Khaled's collection is big, but he could always have 'another one...'
Mark Zuckerberg won't waste money on cars so has had some surprises in his collection
Money talks, wealth whispers
DJ Marshmello shows off new black over red Mansory Rolls-Royce Phantom
No, it's not white
Man bought Snoop Dogg's abandoned Cadillac and found this inside
The exterior looks fine, but the interior...
Soccer star Ronaldinho spotted in London with pink Rolls-Royce Phantom
Ronaldinho turned up to a Nike event in London in this pink Rolls-Royce...
Michael Jackson's car collection was strange, but one vehicle was easily the weirdest
You can't mistake who it belongs to
1963 Cadillac supposedly owned by Elvis discovered in scrapyard and fired up for first time in years
It's back on the road
The first car Eminem bought after making it was sold by him for $28k 3 years later
His unique customizations gave its value a boost
Rick Ross hosted his car show on his estate called 'The Promise Land'
Many attendees are demanding refunds
Mukesh Ambani just spent $133k painting his Rolls-Royce Cullinan
It was already highly customized
Rick Ross has challenged the internet to find a better car collection than his
He says 'he's not stunting', he just wants to know
Jay Leno owns 281 cars, but one of his favorites is worth just $2,700
In fact - it's the world's cheapest car
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman just pledged to give away most of his fortune
He's signed the Giving Pledge
Jay Leno owns 281 cars but he will never own a Ferrari
Jay has beef with the Ferrari dealerships
Asia’s richest man charters one of the world’s largest cruise ships for the second pre-wedding bash of his son
It's over 100 feet long
Man converting Elvis' private jet into RV offers 'major update' on rebuild
It's a satisfying unboxing
Steve Jobs got a new identical Porsche every 6 months for decades
He was simply exploiting a loophole in a weird law
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