Porsche now makes an e-bike with a super powerful motor
World's largest electric motorcycle set to revolutionize the industry
The first Ferrari EV will still sound like a classic Ferrari
220-foot all-electric vessel could become first fuel-free superyacht


Study finds more than 40% of US EV buyers want to go back to combustion engines
We thought once you went electric you didn't go back?
Aspark OWL SP600 prototype becomes world's fastest electric hypercar after clocking monumental speed
It smashed the Nevara's previous record
McLaren CEO says the first EV supercar will be a McLaren
This is one to watch out for
Lotus's new Emeya EV achieves record-breaking charging time
It's set a new record
People stood confused as a Tesla Cybertruck pulled into a gas station
Not a sight you see everyday
Nissan has stopped spending money on new gas powered engines
From now on, it's electric power only
Kairos EV is a groundbreaking trike that'll always stay upright
There's no need to worry about tight corners with this trike
Billionaire buys 3 untitled Tesla roadsters discovered in a 'long-forgotten shipping container'
They'd been in there for 13 years
There is a town full of flying cars being established in China with 100 XPeng ordered
This is a totally new type of tourism
Rapper has color-matched his Cybertruck to his two Maybachs
What a flex
China’s BYD says its new hybrid cars can travel 1,300 miles on a single tank of gas
Next stop, the moon.
Guys turn Cybertruck into massive mirror and now it really looks like a spaceship
It's not subtle
FSD V12 shown casually sneaking to the front of huge left turn queue
Teslas are now experiencing the human emotion of 'impatience'
This tent accessory can protect your Cybertruck from EMP attacks
The Cybertruck becomes more powerful
Windowless 'Lo Res Car' is a spaceship-looking vehicle that preceded the Cybertruck
It looks tremendous
Tesla Plaid at 200mph sounds like a jet about to take off
Tesla didn't even expect it to go this fast
The Tesla Cybertruck autopilot feature can drive you to the future
The future is here
Audi and SAIC's first EV is due in 2025
Looking forward to next year
POV video appears to show Tesla Plaid reaching 0-60 in less than 2 seconds
It is absolutely amazing to watch
Lamborghini boss says electric supercar is still a long way off
The future is electric, or is it?
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