Inversion Space aims for rapid cargo delivery with orbital warehouses
The XPeng X2 can fly for 35 minutes on a single charge
Visitor to Malaysia's abandoned $100 billion Forest City reveals astonishing impressions
Unknown structure found beneath sand near Great Pyramid of Giza in groundbreaking discovery


Futuristic portal in NYC connects to people in Dublin, Ireland
Some say portal, others say giant FaceTime donut
The infrastructure required to support flying car travel
We need a lot more than flying cars
Revolutionary passenger-carrying drone flights held in Abu Dhabi
The ability to fly away from traffic is getting closer
China unveils humanoid robot with 'human-like' speed and precision
A future without ironing may be closer than we thought
Pilotless flying taxi completes first flight with a passenger
A major success!
Elon Musk predicted the future of the world in uncovered 1998 interview
The next time Elon Musk makes a prediction we'll be taking notes
New space company unveils ultra-maneuverable spacecraft to hop between orbits
The race to space has just started.
Supercomputer simulation predicts the year of human extinction on Earth
Spoiler alert: you'll be long gone
What challenges and obstacles are delaying the take-off of the flying car?
When will we see flying cars in the air?
Orbiter detects peculiar 'spider-like' formations on Mars' surface
The spotting of actual spiders would have been even more fascinating
The Airscooter would be a personal flying machine, offering an alternative to cars
The future of traveling
Doctor in Brazil used Apple Vision Pro for 'game-changing' surgery
Experts expect the device to now be used routinely
World's largest neuromorphic computer made by Intel mimics the human brain
Will it eventually gain sentience?
The future of private jets: from emerging technologies and trends, the sky's the limit
It's all about convenience.
Electric flying car that got approval for test flights
These could be taking to the skies as soon as 2025
The challenges and obstacles facing flying car mass production
Spoiler - there's a lot of admin
Images reveal luxurious car-inspired interior of new space capsule
A 20-mile trip above the sky, anyone?
Incredible flying motorcycle being prepared to hit the skies
Looks like a ride of a lifetime.
Royal Marines test 'Iron Man' jet packs in groundbreaking test
Can we get a ride too?
Jetson ONE 'jet pack' shown off taking flight in incredible footage
What a mesmerizing view!
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