Jeff Bezos spent $42million building a clock that will outlast human civilization
'Smartphone killer' officially unveiled by ex-Apple designers
Apple provides official advice after Apple Watch owners all have same problem
Apple confirms something all iPhone users do causes device to slow down and lose battery


Apple's Scary Fast event was shot entirely on an iPhone 15 Pro Max
No one has ever done this before.
Apple's Scary Fast event unveils huge new products and most powerful technology ever
Those price tags are pretty scary too.
Internet left divided after Zuckerberg uses AI-enabled Meta Smart Glasses to learn new dad skills
"Hey Meta, how do you make a braid?"
Apple confirms something all iPhone users do causes device to slow down and lose battery
According to Apple, this particular action can actually be detrimental...
Images show a number of iPhone 15 Pro Max users experiencing screen burn-in issues
Apple can’t seem to cut a break at the minute.
Apple users report new Wi-Fi issue after downloading iOS17
Apple users are now reporting brand-new issues.
There is a new AI device that could replace smartphones
These ex-Apple employees think the future should be screen-free.
Apple users all noticing the same thing about their iPhone after iOS 17 update
Users are all saying the same thing.
This guy 3D printed a whistle that makes 'the most terrifying sound in the world'
This noise is horrifying.
This VR headset brings your LEGO builds to life
There's no risk of stepping on a LEGO brick in this version of reality.
This is the difference between the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max
The gulf between Apple's "Pro" and non-Pro ‌iPhone‌ models is bigger than...
New iPhone 15 Pro Max is overheating to the point 'you can't even hold it'
'My phone is now being returned for a refund and I’m sure I won’t be alone...
AI-powered Alexa is becoming a little too smart
Is it time to unplug yet?
This man just built a train track out of LEGO that wraps around his entire house
The YouTube sensation built a massive train track around his home, garden...
From robotic dead spiders to the 'smart toilet', these are the weirdest Ig Nobel Prize winners
Featuring dead robotic spiders and electrocuted chopsticks.
Honda Motocompacto costs less than an iPhone 15 Pro Max and is the size of a briefcase
It may be the size of a briefcase, but the all-new Honda Motocompacto e-scooter...
Massive 2,000 piece Concorde LEGO set has just been released with a hefty price tag
The Concorde LEGO set measures a meter long when built. It even has a few...
Samsung boss makes bold prediction on Apple's next product move
Samsung's mobile boss also took a not-so-subtle swipe at the tech giant.
Autonomous robot that expertly marks out sports fields has everyone saying the same thing
This little robot is causing quite a bit of controversy online.
Man breaks world speed record with his homemade remote-controlled car
James Whomsley beat the current record with his homemade jet-powered remote-controlled...
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