Apple introduces biggest update ever with huge AI changes coming
Apple declares one of its most popular iPhones is now 'obsolete'
Apple reveals two basic things everyone can do to make iPhone battery last longer
Researchers developing supercapacitor that could fully charge an iPhone in just 60 seconds


Apple unveils important 'safety button' all iPhone users should know about
This could come in very handy
Apple reportedly developing a foldable iPhone with a self-healing screen
Up next, magical screen
Apple fixes iPhone and iPad bug that affected many users
Update as soon as you can
Tech enthusiast reveals method for ensuring 'limitless' iPhone battery life
It's said to be 'fool proof
Simple adjustments to iPhone settings found to significantly improve battery life
Some of these sound counterintuitive, but they do work, apparently
Apple teases iOS 18 by promising groundbreaking improvements in its 'biggest' update yet
It won't be compatible with all iPhone models.
Millions of iPhone users had a mysterious new setting automatically switched on
The setting sounds creepy to say the least
Siri is getting an exciting reboot for iOS 18
Awesome updates coming soon!
First leaked iPhone 16 devices show brand new button and design changes
It appears the new phones will have capture buttons, camera changes, and...
The news potential iPhone 16 buyers wanted to hear leaked in patent filing
It's an absolute game changer.
YouTuber tests whether $10,000 iPhone beyond 'military specification' can stop a bullet
Are you up for this amazing bullet-proof iPhone?
iOS 18 will be 'biggest ever' iPhone update as new details emerge
More AI and customizability seems to be the plan from Apple
Apple urges iPhone users to update their phones now as a matter of importance
There's a very good reason for it.
Fresh iPhone 16 details hint at radical departure from previous models
Apple will apply the tech to all four models - not only the Pro versions.
Leaked Apple roadmap suggests a new iPhone completely different to any seen before
It's going to be a busy few years for Apple.
Apple in talks with Google to power iPhone with 'Gemini AI' engine
AI is coming, whether you like it or not.
The leaked 10 brand new features the iPhone 16 will have later this year
Time to upgrade.
Leaked iPhone 16 Pro images gives first look at brand new button
Leaked renders could offer first look at rumored Capture Button
Former Apple employee says there's only one real way to save your iPhone's battery
It's probably not what you expect.
iPhone 17 leaks suggest that you're better off skipping the 16 and waiting for this
It's promising big.
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